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The complete package for dapp data across all tracked blockchains

DappRadar is proud to announce that our industry-leading dapp and NFT data is now available through our API. This is an important development for the discoverability of decentralized applications and adoption of Web3 technologies, as companies, media and analysts can now enhance their products with topnotch blockchain data. 

DappRadar is the World’s Dapp Store, having over 14,000 dapps listed. By combining blockchain data with off-chain data, we provide the most comprehensive view of the Web3 industry. After receiving data requests from many partners, media, researchers and customers, we are now delivering the long-awaited DappRadar API.  

Bringing decentralized applications to a broader, mainstream market should not rely on DappRadar as a sole platform. We want to bring as many users to dapps as possible. Therefore dapps will not only be discoverable on DappRadar, but also on many other platforms where the DappRadar API is integrated. 

What’s in the DappRadar API?

Where the competition offers niche data only about DeFi, tokens or NFTs, DappRadar offers an extensive data range covering all types of blockchain products. Because of our focus on dapps, we cover DeFi, NFT collections, games, the metaverse and much more. 

The DappRadar API includes the following to all tiers, except Explorer (free):

  • Data from all dapps listed on DappRadar across different time ranges and blockchains
  • NFT, DeFi, and Token data across multiple blockchains, containing Volume, Traders, Sales, Floor prices, Average price, and Market cap, also available in different time ranges. 

In addition, we will include our machine-learning NFT value estimations in the future, which provide an accurate price estimation based on historical sales and NFT metadata. 

Where to get the DappRadar API?

The starting point for everybody interested in the DappRadar API, is our dedicated landing page. Discover the DappRadar API and enhance your research, gain insights in your Web3 product and dive into leading industry metrics. 

The DappRadar API comes in different tiers, and these are the launch prices. 

  • Explorer tier – for hobbyists (100 free calls)
  • On-demand tier ($0.005/call)
  • Trader tier – with 2,5k calls ($9.99/month)
  • Startup tier – for starting projects ($199/month)
  • Advanced tier – for small projects ($499/month)
  • Enterprise – for big companies (custom)

Learn more about these tiers here:

How you will use the DappRadar API depends on your business goal. Below you will find more information about our API for specific use cases.

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