Organize Meetups and Create NFT Galleries in Ethereum Towers

Organize Meetups and Create NFT Galleries in Ethereum Towers

Ethereum Towers is a vertical metaverse consisting of 4,388 player-owned apartments

In the virtual world of Ethereum Towers apartment owners can build as they please, creating space for social gatherings or NFT art galleries. NFT holders can completely customize the apartments, giving them a sweet apartment in the metaverse, a virtual meeting place, or a zen garden to escape to. 

Ethereum Towers is a vertical structure consisting of 4,388 player-owned apartments and a variety of communal areas, set in the Ethereum Worlds metaverse. Owning an apartment in one of the towers allows residents to build their space from scratch and customize it to the smallest detail. 

All apartments in this vertical metaverse are represented by NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Importantly, each apartment gives the owner a chance to create a completely customizable space in the virtual world. Split the area however you like, or use the 3D builder to add elements and design the perfect metaverse apartment for you and your friends, colleagues or customers.  

Ethereum Towers apartments offer the perfect opportunity for NFT collectors to showcase their collection, join events and meet with friends in the metaverse. What’s more, this vertical metaverse offers numerous ways to socialize and become part of a community of like-minded people. Apartment owners even have the option to create premium events, where for example only people holding certain NFTs can join. Or they can rent out their apartment to other users or organizations. 

What spaces can you find in Ethereum Towers?

Apartments in Ethereum Towers are divided into three types: standard, luxury, and penthouse. Each type of apartment comes with different characteristics, allowing collectors to find just the right space for them. 

Overhead view of the inside of the towers

About ninety percent of all apartments between the two towers are standard. Each tower has 1980 standard apartments. Moving up to the bigger luxury apartments, there are only 198 of these in each tower. Additionally, each of the luxury apartments is about two and half times larger in area compared to the standard ones. 

Finally, there are the Penthouse apartments. Each tower contains 16 Penthouse apartments, with the option to be set over two levels. Penthouses are the most premium and exclusive properties in the Ethereum Towers virtual world. What’s more, Penthouse owners also receive more options to personalize their apartments and can either have the coveted black access key NFT or a personalized one including their favorite NFTs. 

Penthouse floorplan

Create your own space in Ethereum Towers

With 4,388 unique spaces across the two towers, collectors get a chance to create a completely personalized space. Each apartment, be it a standard, luxury or a penthouse, allows the owner to showcase their NFT collection, their design skills, and their passions all in one place. 

Owning or renting an Ethereum Towers apartment also allows collectors to organize events and gather friends in the virtual world. Additionally, the Ethereum Towers world offers numerous common spaces, where collectors can join community-based events for owners, renters or visitors. Community members can visit the communal sky gardens, engage in activities and social events exploring the towers and surrounding areas. The (virtual) world is your oyster in the Ethereum Towers vertical metaverse. 

Importantly, Ethereum Towers will empower collectors with the tools to host a free or premium event regardless of apartment type. Additionally, apartments offer a great opportunity to showcase artwork. As a virtual environment, this is a perfect space to show off your NFT collection to your guests.  

Virtual worlds are trending

The metaverse and virtual worlds have been the talk of the town in the past couple of months. With Facebook’s rebranding to Meta, the mainstream audience turned their attention towards this opportunity to own, create and design a space in the virtual world.

Taking the idea of a virtual world a step further, Ethereum Towers offers collectors a chance to own an apartment in a metaverse skyscraper. The vertical metaverse spreads out among two 101-floor towers. Importantly, both towers feature two penthouse floors, where collectors can purchase one of sixteen Penthouse apartments. 

If you are curious to learn more about Ethereum Towers, check out this article. There you’ll be able to look at all upcoming plans for the vertical metaverse, including all major expansion milestones in the pipeline. Additionally, you can follow Ethereum Towers on social media to find out the latest news about this exciting virtual world. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the metaverse, as projects like Ethereum Towers continue to revolutionize the space. Stay tuned for more news and announcements regarding DappRadar and Ethereum Towers, and check out the official links below for more information. 


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