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Ethereum Towers
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4,388 player-owned apartments on the Ethereum blockchain

Ethereum Towers is part of the Ethereum Worlds virtual universe, and residents can acquire virtual apartments that they can make their own. The towers consist of 4,388 apartments as well as amenities and communal areas.

Ethereum Towers’ apartments are set in two identical 101-story towers. Residents purchase their very own virtual apartment as an ERC-721 non-fungible token (NFT) on the Ethereum network. There are three different types of apartments in Ethereum Towers: standard, luxury, and penthouse. Each of these has its own perks and price tag. 

Driven by recent global events and difficulties in experiencing community interactivity, the Ethereum Towers project aims to create a Web3 world in the metaverse backed by NFTs that gives residents full ownership of their items. To get things started, the team behind the project collaborated with NFT communities such as World of Women, Boss Beauties, and Audius, bringing exclusive communities and content to the towers. 

The vertical structure consists of 4,388 player-owned apartments and various communal areas, and it’s set in the wider Ethereum Worlds metaverse. Residents will be able to use their apartment space however they please and have the freedom to design and divide spaces using the 3D builder, which will allow them to place items purchased from the marketplace on a grid to furnish their room. Notably, the level of modifications a player can make and how much access they have increases dependent on the type of apartment owned —for instance, penthouses give the most space and the highest level of access.   

 Ethereum Towers as a vertical world

Using a vertical model of communal living and trying to replicate key aspects of shared living space, the team behind Ethereum Towers hopes to offer residents four key benefits over other virtual worlds and metaverse platforms. 

These four aspects have been integrated into one multi-use digital environment that gives residents a place to meet friends, family, and community members in a seamless digital experience. Furthermore, Ethereum Towers is tapping into a strong utility trend in NFTs that gives holders exclusivity and access; above and beyond a standard profile picture. 

Residents can showcase their art, collectibles, and other items in the form of NFTs or use the space as a peaceful retreat. Apartment owners will be able to mint in-game accessories such as wall frames and display cases in various styles and sizes. Then connect a blockchain wallet and select which NFTs to display. At the same time, the platform hopes to offer a central community on the doorstep, where residents can socialize, learn, share ideas and interact. 

Standard, luxury, or penthouse? 

There are 101 floors in each tower, with floors 1-99 containing only standard and luxury apartments and 100-101 containing only the rarer penthouse apartments. The apartments vary in size, with the penthouses having the potential to be set across two floors. 

Several penthouse apartments have already sold for 25 ETH, while a standard apartment is available for around 1 ETH. The apartment type and location set its rarity level. At the same time, the floor number and who is a resident on it could also affect the perceived value. The allocation of apartments is as follows: 

  • Standard 1980 per tower (3960 total) – 90.24%
  • Luxury 198 per tower (396 total) – 9.02%
  • Penthouses 16 per tower (32 total) – 0.73%

Australian-born Jason Belmonte (aka Belmo), the number one tenpin bowler globally, has secured an apartment on the 80th floor of Tower 1. While a Penthouse on the 101st floor was sold to a member of the Discord community as part of a 35 ETH deal where they bought an entire floor

Penthouses have more space, and they come with the coveted and customizable black access key card NFT. They also receive more options to personalize and additional owner benefits above the standard and luxury apartments. 

Summary & Ethereum Towers roadmap

 The team states the desired outcome is that owners of the apartments within Ethereum Towers will interact as if they were in a physical environment together, experiencing thoughtful and genuine conversations, building lasting friendships, and helping one another to succeed online and in real life. The majority of Tower 1 has already been sold, including several penthouses, with Tower 2 becoming available in late February 2022. Get involved through their Discord and Twitter channels.

Ethereum Towers is just getting started on a comprehensive roadmap that sees the project complete most major milestones by Q1 2023. The arrival of more information on the tokenomic model alongside the launch of the native marketplace with a potential for a native in-game token to power Ethereum Towers governance and in-game spend. Designed to handle a range of transactions within the metaverse it is believed that residents will also earn these tokens by attending events, playing mini-games and using their apartments, and much more. Keep an eye on this project as it builds towards the sky.  


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