New Single Dapp Page to Empower & Give Control to Developers

New Single Dapp Page to Empower and Give Control to Dapp Developers
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A complete technical overhaul to build the future of the World’s Dapp Store

DappRadar has completely overhauled the Single Dapp Page to prepare for the future of the World’s Dapp Store and give dapp developers more ownership. The new Single Dapp Page will allow for more customization, powered by RADAR and influenced by the DappRadar DAO.


  • The Single Dapp Page has been rebuilt from the ground up, allowing more future customization.
  • Dapp developers can update their dapp page with new information, visuals and smart contracts.
  • Holding RADAR allows dapp developers to influence the future of DappRadar, and will also add customization options to the Single Dapp Page.

The most important page revamped

The Single Dapp Page is one of the most important landing pages on DappRadar and allows 1 million users per month to discover new dapps. But the old version came with design, functionality and user experience limitations. Therefore we’re proud to introduce dapp developers to Single Dapp Page V2. 

Completely rebuilt from the ground up, the Single Dapp Page is the most important user acquisition point for dapp developers. Customizability will be a key aspect of the Single Dapp Page moving forward. And it won’t be long before dapp developers can customize the page themselves to serve their community members and onboard new users. 

The new Single Dapp Page looks much better and  serves all dapp data in one place. This includes NFT marketplace data, DeFi metrics, associated tokens, and data visualization. The Single Dapp Page automatically adapts to your dapp, avoiding displaying irrelevant information. 

Empowering dapp developers 

While DappRadar adds lots of dapps to its systems, we want to empower dapp developers and help them grow and maintain their user base through the Single Dapp Page. Optimizing this page with accurate and SEO optimized descriptions and updated screenshots, will improve the effectiveness of the page on user acquisition strategies. 

Since DappRadar has now laid the foundation for the future of the Single Dapp Page, developers can expect continuous improvements and updates. The page will receive new features and customizable data points for your dapps. Therefore we invite dapp developers to take ownership over their page. 

Taking ownership over the Single Dapp Page is important, because product updates and new smart contracts aren’t automatically reflected. Dapp developers can update their smart contracts to ensure that users see the correct and up-to-date data.

Keep your dapp page on your RADAR

The RADAR token plays a core role in the future of the World’s Dapp Store, as DappRadar would not be able to function without the token as the community-owned dapp store. Right now RADAR holders can stake their tokens to receive the ability to Boost a dapp. This is visualized on the Single Dapp Page and in the Rankings. 

Boost will become an important metric to determine the development of custom metrics by the DappRadar core dev team. This would allow communities to influence the development of custom metrics on their favorite Single Dapp Page.

In addition, as a RADAR token holder one gets governance voting power. This will allow developers and community members alike to propose new features and initiatives. As a result, RADAR becomes a tool for user acquisition, while adding features that could benefit a community as a whole. 

What do developers have to do now?

  1. Go to the developer portal
  2. Submit your dapp [guide here]
  3. Or optimize and update an existing dapp [guide here]

Carry your Web3 journey with you

With the DappRadar mobile app, never miss out on Web3 again. See the performance of the most popular dapps, and keep an eye on the NFTs in your portfolio. Your DappRadar account syncs with our mobile app, giving you soon the option to receive alerts live as they happen.

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