Kornelija Sobutiene: The Woman Leading Web3 Marketing at DappRadar

Kornelija Sobutiene- The Woman Leading Web3 Marketing at DappRadar
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Meet DappRadar’s Marketing Manager and learn how she is changing the way the dapp industry is seen

DappRadar has come a long way to become the World’s Dapp Store, and each achievement wouldn’t be possible without its amazing people. In this series of interviews, you will meet the team behind all of it. This edition features Kornelija Sobutiene, our Marketing Manager and a true beacon of inspiration and creativity. Get to know her and the challenges of creating an engaged community in such a competitive industry.

Avant-garde, unique, and friendly. These are adjectives that any good marketing strategy should have, and that are also present in DappRadar and Kornelija.

In an industry in constant evolution, DappRadar not only benefits from strength, but also from rapid adaptation to new trends. With professionals like Kornelija, though, we are able to lead them.

No matter the department, everyone here knows Kornelija. She is responsible for several projects expanding DappRadar’s authority on the Web3 landscape and for connecting so many of us as individuals.

Get to know for yourself the woman that represents the true meaning of community for DappRadar. This is Kornelija.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your professional journey?

I am Kornelija. I was born in Lithuania. After high school, I decided to leave Lithuania and go explore the world a little bit. I finished my Media & Communications studies in the UK, I lived and worked as a Marketing Specialist in one of the law firms in the Netherlands, and after 5 years of exploring I decided to go back to Lithuania.

I came back and started looking for a job. I understood that I need to find an international company to work for because after being abroad for some years, I realized how the international experience would equip me with a wider range of skills and knowledge

How did you get into the decentralized applications world?

I have to be honest here, before I joined DappRadar in 2019, the only thing I knew about the blockchain and dapps is that if you play blockchain games, you can truly own the in-game items. If something happens to the game – you can be sure that your items won’t disappear together with it. 

In short, I can say that my curiosity and interest in blockchain technology along with my role as a Social Media Specialist at DappRadar pushed me to explore the dapps world. 

What excites you the most about Web3, blockchain, and decentralization?

First of all, I really enjoy seeing how close and tight is the Web3 community. How easily people can network and make friendships in the blockchain space.

DappRadar team visiting NFT.NYC in June 2022
DappRadar team visiting NFT.NYC in June 2022

I love seeing how much attention Web3 projects/products give to the community. How it is important to understand that the way most value is being created on the web is through communities of people coming together, collaborating, and being a part of something. 

Secondly, it is great to see how Web3 empowers creators by cutting third-party content-sharing platforms to engage with their audiences and monetize their art. They now have new ways to engage with their fans and take back control of their creations. 

What is your favorite Web3 project and why? (apart from DappRadar)

World of Women, without any doubt. First of all, I know that in the last year, we have seen so many new projects and NFT collections being built. Sometimes you can get lost on who is here for the long run.

Once the collection was launched back in July 2021, I could feel that the WoW was one of them. Not only because of the great art but also because of having  a great mission behind it – “create opportunities for anyone around the world to be owners, creators, and contributors in this new era of the web.”

Why did you want to join DappRadar’s marketing team?

We are a generation constructed by media – it plays a big part in our lives. Therefore, I have decided to wrap my arms around the concept of being social. I always wanted to help businesses to understand what is the positive effect of being on social media and how to use it to build a strong community. 

On top of that, I had a chance to start building that community in the crypto space together with DappRadar. It was a big challenge with a lot of lessons and tests. But who doesn’t love challenges these days? They just keep me going!

What is a typical day at work at DappRadar usually like?

My typical day starts on Twitter. There, I can find the latest updates on the crypto industry, projects who jumped on the wagon, and current discussions about the market itself, and consume all of it with my coffee. Next, I catch up on my Slack messages and emails and plan my day because that helps me to be more efficient.

After that, I focus on supporting the growth of our business. I am working with cross-functional teams across product, engineering, and sales to continue improving our products and services and supporting their distribution to our wider audience.

Also, I am working closely with our clients and partners, making close relationships with them and supporting their marketing activities at DappRadar. Through my regular interactions with them, I’m able to understand their needs and challenges, and provide solutions that can lead to their success. 

As a marketer in Web3, what are the main challenges you face?

I think the biggest challenge here is to keep up with everything that is happening in this industry and “be there before the train arrives!”

Staying up to date is important to our company and to me.

The industry is still very new, and it is normal that it changes really fast. One day, we see so many people jumping on the DeFi wagon, the next day, they move to NFTs. We as a company, need to adapt to those changes really fast.

What is it that you bring to the company?

I think the most visible qualities that I bring to this company are joy and positivity. It is not a secret that marketers love to talk and building relationships with your teammates is really important to me. So always trying my best to bring a spark of good energy to our meetings.

Happy team = Happy Kornelija

A bit of the Kornelija magic during the company’s Annual Meeting in Barcelona.

What tip would you give someone looking to follow your steps?

There can be lots of confusing terms in any new industry, particularly crypto, but don’t let that stop you from getting involved! No one was born knowing everything, so it is okay not to know everything at the beginning. Don’t let that stop you from learning more.

How do you see this industry developing in the next few years?

The entire basis of decentralization is to put power in the hands of the individual, and more and more projects understand the importance of the community.

So I believe that we will see even more projects running their DAOs and letting their community be closely involved in decision-making.

Also, this year we saw so many big brands joining the crypto space, particularly the entertainment sector. So I believe we can also expect to see that in the near future, resulting in the massive user growth of the crypto industry.

What do you expect from DappRadar in 10 years?

To answer this question, I will quote DappRadar’s vision: 

“To be the community-owned World’s Dapp Store operated by millions, used by billions.”

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