DappRadar 2022 Annual Meeting in Barcelona

DappRadar 2022 Annual Meeting in Barcelona
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Our tribe is finally reunited for a week working together and enjoying beautiful Spain

The ever-growing DappRadar team got together for a one-week workation in Barcelona. From September 8 to 15, the amazing people behind the World’s Dapp Store met in person to plan exciting features for the decentralized world. Find out what’s coming!

We’ve come a long way since 2018. In an overview of the 4 years of DappRadar, the team celebrates going from a small Lithuanian startup to a leading business in the blockchain space with a diverse team in more than 25 countries.

Annual Meeting 2022 DappRadar in Barcelona

At this year’s meeting, DappRadar emphasized its vision:

“To be the community-owned World’s Dapp Store operated by millions, used by billions.”

DappRadar has become the leading dapp discovery platform in the Web3 space, and we’re now preparing to on-board the next wave of users. We believe decentralized applications, or simply dapps, will become the evolution for online financial services, gaming, and social interactions.

What is DappRadar?

DappRadar is a platform where you can find live blockchain data, analytics, reports and tools to use in the decentralized applications (dapp) industry. DappRadar allows users to track their cryptocurrency and NFT portfolio, and follow the most important Web3 trends. Direct, live, and on the go thanks to our mobile app.

DappRadar meetings in Barcelona

We’re the main NFT & DeFi dapp store, helping over a million monthly visitors navigate next-generation projects. You can take a look at our Industry Reports to keep up with the future.

What’s the tribe up to in Barcelona?

Over the week, most of our tribe of 74 got together, meeting co-workers for the first time and joining workshops and collaboration sessions. Building the future can only happen together.

We have taken the opportunity to network through team-building activities, meetings, and lots of work at a local co-working space. DappRadar’s early birds also got the chance to attend this year’s AxieCon in Barcelona, with some other brilliant minds of the Web3 industry.

The DappRadar team attended AxieCon in Barcelona

The future of DappRadar just got started. Our internal team comes from 25 different countries, most of them working remotely. Together with you, our passionate and dedicated community, we will further develop DappRadar to make it the World’s Dapp Store.

Get started with your own Web3 journey

If you want to get a taste of the DappRadar tools, you can connect your own Web3 wallet and start using our Portfolio Tracker.

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