How to Get Early Access for Nifty Island

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Despite closed alpha already active, there are still opportunities to access the nascent metaverse in its early stages

Knowing how to get early access for Nifty Island could mean having the best plot on the platform by the time the live version launches. Read on to find out about this new, virtual world being created for the community, by the community. And read to the end to find out how you can join it as soon as possible.

Nifty Island is a new metaverse platform with big plans. The developers describe the product as a gameverse that promotes the importance of its community. And they go on to say:

Nifty Island is an open social game hub and gallery built around NFTs and crypto. Users will be able to play games, display their NFT collection, trade NFTs, build a community, and earn crypto by playing and contributing content to the gameverse.

Despite the closed alpha beginning last week, the team at Nifty Island has said it ‘intends to open up the game to more and more of the web3 community over the course of the alpha’, as it approaches the launch of its open beta.

How to access Nifty Island now

Currently, only holders of the Legendary Palms (in-game assets) and a select cohort of early supporters and NFT collectors, can participate in the closed alpha. So buying a Legendary Palm is one way of gaining immediate access to Nifty Island. You can buy the least expensive one – the Iron Palm – for 3.54 ETH ($9,919 at the time of writing).

The development team has also announced on Twitter that more alpha passes are on the way. So keeping an eye on Nifty Island’s Twitter page and Discord are two ways to ensure you’re the first to know about any new pass releases or alpha updates.

Source: Nifty Island / Twitter

Finally, if you’re not one of the lucky ones who gets to enjoy Nifty Island in its closed alpha, then do not fear. Now you know about the new virtual world, you can make sure you’re there for its beta launch. They’re calling this stage of development the Settlement Era. All you need to do is stay tuned to Nifty Island’s social media channels for news of how to take part. And of course stay locked in with DappRadar for all your metaverse news and analysis.

NB. The presentation of a roadmap isn’t usually worth a comment – but top marks for animation on this one. Check it out here.

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