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Gaming-oriented communities and venture capitalists put over $4 million into the first launchpad project

The Elysium Launchpad is becoming a thriving platform for games looking to launch a token and raise funding. The first project already managed to get over $4 million in funding, and more teams are now lining up. Their focus on video games and ecosystem tailored to Web3 gaming experiences, makes Elysium Launchpad a suitable partner for any gaming project looking to raise funds.

When it comes to blockchain ecosystems tailored for gaming, Elysium is one of the sleeping giants. Home to VulcanVerse and a variety of other games under the Vulcan banner, Elysium has initiated a launchpad initiative to welcome new projects to their ecosystem. They already had a first success with Rebel Cars, and are now looking to expand even further. 

In this article we look at the Elysium Launchpad and the aforementioned success story of Rebel Cars, but we also look ahead. Because the Elysium ecosystem is all about making progress. 

What is Elysium Launchpad 

Elysium Launchpad is a digital asset fund raising platform on Elysium, designed to help and advice project teams to bring their game or product to the market. Teams can also use Elysium Launchpad to raise funds with an Initial DEX Offering, or IDO. Moreover, this system for token distribution is open, transparent and very publicly accessible. This is incredibly useful for developers, because this method immediately gives them funding. In addition, it allows the community to get involved as well.

The Elysium ecosystem puts in lots of effort to welcome developers, providing development support, tools and funding. While the Elysium Accelerator Program is really meant for promising projects in development, the Elysium Launchpad tailors more to projects that are ready to move out of the shadows. By launching an IDO on Elysium Launchpad, projects take the spotlight. They can expect to connect with passionate gamers and venture capitalists ready to deploy funds into promising projects.

Elysium Launchpad benefits for users

Of course also the community benefits, because through an IDO they get early access to a token. This can result in financial benefits, but obviously also comes with some risks. On the Elysium Launchpad users need to go through the following steps in order to participate in these token launches: 

  1. Give consent to participate
  2. Get PYR tokens from ElysiumSwap or a centralized exchange
  3. Make sure these PYR tokens are on the Elysium network, perhaps bridge them.
  4. Then stake PYR tokens to get a certain tier.
    1. 50 PYR – Tier 3
    2. 100 PYR – Tier 2
    3. 200 PYR – Tier 1
  5. Now you’re ready to participate on Elysium Launchpad
  6. Register during the 6-day registration period
  7. And once it’s your turn, purchase the amount of tokens you want within the minimum and maximum allocation limits.
  8. Once the presale ends, anybody can purchase the remaining tokens during the public sale.

Initial success of Rebel Cars and more is coming

The Elysium Launchpad just launched, but already had its first big success with Rebel Cars. At the beginning of April 2024, Rebel Cars sold their RC tokens in three stages: a pre-IDO phase, an early access phase for PYR stakers, followed by a public sale. This topnotch racing game managed to raise over $4 million in funding through their IDO. 

The success of Rebel Cars didn’t go unnoticed, and more projects will follow. For example, the launchpad announced the space MMO game ExoWorlds. On 1 May 2024 they will kick off their token sale on Elysium Launchpad, selling the EXO token for $0.005 with a minimum allocation of $50 and a maximum of $50,000. This means you’d need to register for the EXO token sale from 24 April 2024.

ExoWorlds will sell its EXO token through an IDO on Elysium Launchpad

The maximum allocation one can buy, depends on the amount of PYR they have staked. Users staking 200 PYR (Tier 1) can acquire more tokens than users who stake 50 PYR (Tier 3). This automatically makes PYR an interesting token. Even more so, because it has all kinds of use cases throughout the Elysium ecosystem.

Developers and community beyond tokens

The Elysium ecosystem isn’t only about launching tokens and getting funding. The team at Vulcan Forged puts in lots of effort to bolster its community. They offer mentorship and development support to studios building on their platform, while their community is growing with gaming enthusiasts. Because in June this year, Elysium will organize its fourth community and developer event, VulCon4. Taking place in London, the event will be filled with speakers, networking events and a dinner party.

Closing words

Elysium Launchpad is becoming a thriving hub for gaming projects to get the funding they need to bring their game to the market. As the launchpad has multiple projects lined up to join the platform, we expect a lot more excitement happening in the Elysium ecosystem. As mentioned, developers can expect all kinds of support as they work to launch their project on Elysium, ranging from mentorship and development support, to marketing efforts and the ability to launch a token on Elysium Launchpad.

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