Web3 Game Developers Can Now Join the Elysium Accelerator Program

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Enhance your development with easy-to-use tools and funding from Vulcan Forged

Vulcan Forged is setting up their Elysium blockchain ecosystem for growth, as the team launched the Elysium Accelerator Program. Through this program the team wants to invite developers to build on Elysium, and highlight the fact that they are building an open ecosystem for next generation Web3 projects.

What is Elysium?

Elysium is a Layer-1 and EVM-compatible blockchain with a focus on gaming, NFTs and metaverse projects. Vulcan Forged has developed Elysium with low transaction costs and super fast block confirmation, making the chain very suitable for the potential high throughput gaming will bring to Web3. 

DappRadar tracks the Elysium blockchain and its applications. In the last quarter of 2023, Elysium had approximately 1,000 unique active wallets every day. The Agora NFT marketplace and the decentralized exchange Elysium Swap are among the most used dapps. In addition, VulcanVerse, Vulcan Runner and Vulcan’s Tower Defense are among the most popular games in the Elysium ecosystem. 

Core to the Elysium ecosystem are two cryptocurrencies. Users need to stake PYR to secure the network, and then they will earn LAVA. After that, they can use LAVA for in-game actions or marketplace purchases. 

Elysium Accelerator Program explained

The team has designed the Elysium Accelerator Program to fuel the growth and success of any Web3 project looking to expand their horizon. Vulcan Forged and the Elysium team will provide strategic support, mentorship, development resources and access to a network of experts. 

Projects who join the Elysium Accelerator Program can expect to boost their product development and enhance their marketing efforts. The network opportunities offered by the accelerator program allow developers to connect with investors, venture capitalists and other essential stakeholders.

Developers can elevate their project with mentorship of blockchain experts, getting support in listing tokens or implementing a Web3 tech stack. In addition, developers can expect marketing support through website promotion, content production, and streaming live presentations across various platforms. 

How much funding can developers get?

The Elysium Accelerator Program is meant to help developers find success in the Web3 space, while building on the tech stack provided by Vulcan Forged. In order to do so, they receive access to tools and a helping hand from experts in Web3. In addition, there’s an opportunity to get a developer grant. Through the Elysium Accelerator Program, developers can get a seed round investment starting at $10,000.

It’s important to note that Elysium isn’t focusing on games alone. Vulcan Forged wants to invite all kinds of projects to build on Elysium, ranging from more games to SocialFi and DeFi projects. The seed funding from the Elysium Accelerator Program can go as high as $100,000 per project. 

How to integrate Elysium into your project

Elysium is a blockchain ecosystem that can be integrated into projects in various ways. Ultimately, the blockchain is permissionless and anybody can tap into Elysium as they please. However, the Elysium Accelerator Program does provide chosen developers with the necessary assistance as they build their project. 

Firstly, developers can build their own systems, and then connect to the Elysium network through an Elysium node or RPC. In addition, developers can choose to utilize the custom Elysium API and integrate the network’s services that way. 

Furthermore, Vulcan Forged is working on a software development kit, or simply SDK. Integrating the SDK as part of your tech stack will allow developers without lots of Web3 knowledge to swiftly implement the Elysium ecosystem into their project. However, the SDK is still in development and is part of the roadmap. 

Sign up now

Developers working on Web3 projects can now sign-up for the Elysium Accelerator Program. To be considered for the program, these are the things you need to consider: 

  • Build a unique project not yet available in the Elysium ecosystem
  • Elysium is EVM compatible and supports multichain projects 
  • Elysium isn’t only about gaming, but also about NFTs, DeFi and SocialFi.

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