DEAPcoin: The NFT Currency for Play-to-Earn Games

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DEAPcoin, also known as DEP token, is a cryptocurrency within an ecosystem filled with play-to-earn gaming and collectible NFT artworks. Gamers can buy each of those NFTs using DEP, and then use them in a variety of play-to-earn games. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, so let’s find out!

There’s no doubt that the NFT industry has taken the world by storm. Gaming projects, music artists, and fast-food restaurants have dipped their toes into the NFT market. However, they only scratched the surface. NFTs that tie-in with cryptocurrency economies will push the technology into a new exciting future where gamers earn through gameplay. That’s exactly where DEAPcoin comes into play.

Play-to-earn with PlayMining

DEAPcoin ties in with the PlayMining platform, which offers a variety of games. Here gamers can play games, earn points and convert those points for DEAPcoin. In turn they can use their earned currencies to acquire exciting NFTs from the Marketplace by DEP. 

The NFTs in the PlayMining ecosystem also offer benefits in the game. They are designed by legendary manga artists and illustrators, and can be used in games. Sometimes as a power-up, or as a playable character.

Among the games you will find the card battle game JobTribes and the casual puzzle game PlayMining Puzzle. Starting from April 20th PlayMining will also add the coin pusher game Lucky Farmer to their platform. Playing these games, gamers can earn DEAPcoin, which they can eventually use to buy game-boosting NFTs.

Where to buy DEAPcoin

Currently PlayMining has more than 800,000 registered players. As a result from this demand, the price of DEAPcoin has steadily increased. The price of the token has doubled since early January to more than $0.01 per DEAPcoin. 

A variety of exchanges list the token, among them are Bittrex Global, Indodax, OKEx, Bitrue, Bithumb Global and Digifinex. Users who are less familiar with the way exchanges work, can also acquire DEAPcoin by using a credit card on the NFT Marketplace by DEP. Starting today, DEA is having a 10,000,000 DEP airdrop campaign celebrating their first anniversary of launching the NFT Marketplace. 

All users who purchase DEP tokens or buy NFTs in their marketplace have a chance of receiving extra DEP. For more details be sure to check their anniversary campaign.

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