NFT Collectibles to Appeal to Female Anime Fans in Asia


The next pop icon could be a Puzzle Rangers NFT

Puzzle Rangers is a series of NFTs for the ever growing PlayMining blockchain gaming platform. These exclusive Puzzle Rangers NFTs can be used in the PlayMining Puzzle game.

Puzzle Rangers is all about an NFT idol group, and these digital characters sold out very fast in February. DEA is planning a second sale this Spring, but didn’t reveal a release date yet. Ultimately these male NFT idols need to become a boy band with their own voices, music and eventually a game. All this will be supported through the idol NFTs.

Source: Puzzle Rangers Facebook

“We leveraged the popular genre of games and anime for female customers in the Asian market, which would be a male idol group”, said producer Teruko Hiraga to DappRadar. Hiraga and her team sold these NFTs for 500 DEP, which is only a couple of dollars. Teruko believes that the value will increase as these virtual pop artists will become more popular.

Because Puzzle Rangers are all NFTs. Teruko thinks she should be one too. “I came up with the idea that NFTing myself would be fun. There aren’t many female NFT producers in the blockchain industry. I feel like I need to stand out by doing many extraordinary projects! I would like to turn everything I see in my life into NFT from now on”, she explained.

Win an original NFT from Teruko Hiraga!
NF-Teruko, Teruko Hiraga’s NFT

She sees there’s a big market to be won if blockchain products would focus more on women. “Many games are about things men want to play. I would be happy to create games and characters that appeal to women instead”. According to her there’s great value in the potential of NFTs. “I hope fans of otaku culture will get interested in NFTs and blockchain games, as this represents a great opportunity”, she told DappRadar.

In general the producer of the Puzzle Rangers NFTs has big expectations for the future of blockchain technology. “NFT won’t only become more popular in entertainment and games, but also in practical situations in real life. I really look forward to these developments”, she concluded.

PlayMining and NFTs

PlayMining Puzzle is an NFT-powered puzzle game on the PlayMining platform. By playing games, players can earn DEP tokens. They can then use those tokens to buy NFTs from the NFT Marketplace by DEP. These NFTs, like for example the Puzzle Rangers, can be collected and used in one or more games.

According to a report from DappRadar, the top 3 NFT marketplaces did $342 million in trading volume in February. NFTs are becoming mainstream and it’s expected that there will be a lot more experimentation on the road ahead. Pop idol NFTs could be one of those future gems, or – as Teruko Hiraga puts it. “I think this NFT is just like a pop idol, a rough stone that shines and increases in value with the support of its fans.”

Promotion for DappRadar readers

Readers of DappRadar can win an original NFT and token to purchase more NFTs through this campaign.

From those who did (1) PlayMining ID new registration & (2) Create wallet with NFT Marketplace by DEP, during the promotion period, 100 people will be selected by lottery. They will receive the original NFT “NF-Teruko” and 500 DEP (the crypto asset “DEAPcoin”). DEAPcoin can be used to purchase NFTs at the NFT Marketplace by DEP.

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Please note that if you register from an URL other than those listed in this article, you will not be eligible for the lottery. The promotion period is from March 26th 14:00 (SGT) until April 26th 13:59 (SGT).


The original NFT, is the NFT “NF-Teruko”, based on producer Teruko Hiraga. Players can use the NFT in PlayMining games, or buy/sell it on the NFT Marketplace by DEP.

The 500 DEAPCoin, or DEP, is a crypto asset used to buy NFT on the NFT Marketplace by DEP.

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