An introduction into PlayMining and DEP token

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Play-to-earn is one of the latest trends in gaming

Digital Entertainment Assets (DEA) provides a gaming platform named PlayMining that allows players to earn a cryptocurrency called DEAPcoin, or DEP for short. At the moment there are two games on the PlayMining platform, and more will come. 

The first game is JobTribes, which is a tactical card game in which players need to manage their money pool while they summon heroes to fight on the battlefield. Each card has unique powers, but only three cards can be on the battlefield at the same time. By playing this game, players can earn DEP. 

In addition, there’s PlayMining Puzzle, an accessible puzzle game that challenges players to combine blocks and earn enough points to clear the stage. Players in PlayMining Puzzle share a weekly DEP prize pool based on their in-game activity and performance. 

Play-to-earn is one of the latest trends in gaming, and it comes in all shapes and sizes. One of the most famous examples at this moment is Axie Infinity, which allows players to battle with little monsters and earn Small Love Potions. These potions, which are basically ERC-20 tokens, can then be sold on an exchange for ETH or other currencies. Many more gaming projects are entering the play-to-earn market. 

Earning and using DEP

At the moment of writing the value of DEP is a little $0.005. The token has been fluctuating between the price range of $0.005 and $0.006 since October last year. 

Earned DEP can also be used to acquire digital art from the DEA’s Digital Art Auction and use these assets in other games. These digital assets are non-fungible tokens, and DEA uses its own take on the ERC-721 standard. In JobTribes these NFTs become warriors with special powers, while the same artworks become special powers in the puzzle game on the PlayMining platform. According to the whitepaper every creator earns a commission over the sale of their artwork, also on the secondary market.

Players can buy DEP from a variety of crypto exchanges, including OKex, Bittrex, and Bitthumb Global. Recently the currency also got listed on Indodax, creating an easy gateway to the Indonesian crypto and gaming community. 

However, players don’t need to buy DEP. As we said before, it can also be earned on the PlayMining platform. Winning battles and completing quests in JobTribes earns players the in-game currency PALEcoin. These digital non-crypto tokens can be exchanged for DEP on a regular basis. The PlayMining puzzle game lets players earn KESO points, and those with the highest amount of points will receive the biggest rewards from the weekly prize pool. 

DappRadar will organize a token drop in collaboration with PlayMining. From February 8th to the 21st we will distribute 5000 dollars worth of DEP tokens to hundreds of winners. 

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