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Get to know more about the FPS by Midnight Society before the next Snapshot

Dr. Disrespect’s Deadrop is making waves as an anticipated vertical extraction first-person shooter. With pre-alpha play tests every 3 months and an intriguing NFT mechanism at its core, Deadrop promises a vibrant and immersive experience. Dive in as we uncover the game’s distinct features, storyline, and unique approach to community engagement.


What is Deadrop?

Deadrop is a first-person shooter that introduces unique elements to the genre. The game is being developed in a transparent manner, allowing the community to be involved in its creation. This approach gives players an opportunity to provide feedback, ensuring the game aligns with the expectations and desires of its audience.

Set to be available on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5, Deadrop will offer a free-to-play model with an exciting twist. Players will not only get to engage with the game but also own their characters, weapons, and even cars, all represented as NFTs.

There have already been several pre-alpha sessions (Snapshots) in which early supporters could have a sneak peek into this world, as well as provide suggestions.

What’s the game about?

The setting of Deadrop is dark and foreboding. Taking place 40 years into the Climate Wars, the world of 2020.b sees cities constructing Refiner States – gargantuan structures with the singular purpose of purifying toxins from the atmosphere.

Snapshot VI Deadrop Squads

Governed as independent entities, their sole export is Space Dust, a valuable concentrate derived from pollutants. Once managed by governments, these towers have now become battlegrounds. Competing factions seek to control the towers, their resources, and the lucrative Dust trade, all while battling the Cleaners that maintain these structures.

About Deadrop’s gameplay, Midnight Society’s Studio Head, Robert Bowling, explained:

“It’s a Vertical Extraction Shooter which combines the map design of an Arena Shooter with the large scale and player counts of a Battle Royale (with some elements of last man standing) but with the session-to-session persistence and ability to extract early.”

Players will get to keep whatever they find during gameplay but will also lose their gear if defeated. So far, the core elements of the game have been tested, various maps have been revealed, and players can form squads to improve their experience.

When does the game launch?

While gamers eagerly await Deadrop’s official release, its development continues transparently. Though the exact launch date remains elusive, eyes are set on late 2023 or 2024 for the full release.

While the game is still under development, those interested in collaborating with Deadrop can purchase Deadrop NFTs. This grants you access to Snapshots, the pre-alpha play tests that take place every 3 months, and allows you to have a taste of the newest developments as the game is being built.

Join Snapshots for early testing

Snapshots are unique opportunities for early supporters to experience Deadrop’s developmental builds. Unlike traditional betas or early access versions, Snapshots involve the community from day one.

The latest Snapshot, slated for October 20th, added a brand-new driving experience as well as Legendary items and shiny new vehicle cosmetics. 

12am Deadrop

If you haven’t got your Founder Access Pass or Tower Key, the new Snapshot introduced a new pack for those who want to join play tests from now on. The Drivers Key Packages and the new early access pass, Game Access Pass, are available for purchase for a limited time on Midnight Society’s official website.

Deadrop in-game NFTs

Central to Deadrop’s experience are its in-game NFTs. These not only grant early access to the game’s Snapshots but also serve as an entry point into the expansive Deadrop universe.

Deadrop’s main collection is the Midnight Society Founders Access Pass – 10,000 PFP NFTs on Polygon that are the avatars or “Variants” gamers use to play.

Variants PFP NFTs Deadrop FPS Game

It was launched back in June 2022 and for the first year, it was players’ only way into play tests, voting rights, etc. Now there are other packages that can grant you access to Deadrop’s Snapshots, but being a founder will still have its perks.

At the time of writing, the collection’s floor price stood at 0.2233 ETH ($350) and its total sales volume had surpassed 493 ETH ($770,000).

The Vendor, Dust currency and game economy

Deadrop’s economy thrives on Dust, an in-game currency central to player transactions. It’s not a cryptocurrency but is intrinsic to Deadrop’s universe, facilitating trades.

The Vendor, an integral part of this ecosystem, offers a plethora of functionalities ranging from tagging and lost & found services to straightforward buying and selling mechanisms.

Dr. Disrespect and Midnight Society

Dr. Disrespect, a prominent YouTuber with over 4.5 million subscribers and 400 million views, is the mastermind behind Deadrop along with his AAA game studio Midnight Society.

Deadrop’s unique development process and blend of established game mechanics underscore their commitment to delivering a groundbreaking title – they’re pioneering an FPS experience infused with blockchain technology.

He’s often defended the use of NFTs on Deadrop to traditional gamers who were skeptical of the functionality of the blockchain game, stating that it’s not a pay-to-win game.

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