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Discover a heart-pumping FPS powered by Gala Games

Gala Games are building Last Expedition, a competitive squad-based first-person shooter in which the environment is also very hostile. This action-packed game is set in an alien world where players must recover artifacts while facing numerous challenges. Let’s dive into the latest updates and learn more about the thrilling gameplay.


What is Last Expedition?

Last Expedition is an FPS game that transports players to the hostile alien planet Aura. Players are tasked with recovering alien artifacts while battling enemies and navigating the perilous environment. The game comes with two dangers: other players and computer-controlled enemies. This type of setup is often referred to as PvPvE, or simply player-versus-player-versus-environment. 

The game features true asset ownership, allowing players to own characters, weapons, and items, which they can use strategically to gather resources and rewards.

The public playtest for Last Expedition is scheduled for Q2/Q3 2023, giving hardcore gamers a chance to embark on a wild adventure. 

A closer look at the gameplay

Last Expedition’s first playtest was exclusive to its Node owners. It offers a tantalizing look at the game’s PvPvE gameplay. As players explore diverse terrains and face challenging enemies, they must extract valuable resources to progress through missions. 

Get an early glimpse of Last Expedition’s gameplay and breathtaking environment in this sneak peek video below.

Developed in collaboration with Terraform Studios, Last Expedition boasts a range of captivating features designed to engage discerning gamers. This includes an immersive gaming experience, showcasing distinctive characters, weapons, and an enthralling environment.

A diverse roster of characters is available for players to choose from. The visually striking weapons, featuring meticulously designed 3D models and textures, add depth and realism to the gameplay.

Last Expedition characters

Own a part of Last Expedition through Nodes

Gala Games provides a unique way to empower gaming enthusiasts. That is the Gala Nodes, which allow Node owners to receive rewards like GALA tokens, limited edition NFTs, and a chance to contribute to the growth of the Gala Games ecosystem. Notably, this hands control back to the players and encourage creativity and collaboration across the gaming landscape.

One such opportunity within the Gala Games ecosystem is the Last Expedition Operator’s Node. It allows gamers to own and operate a part of Last Expedition. Additionally, it provides early access to the game and the chance to run a custom server workload for themselves and their friends. Owners of the Operator’s Node also receive exclusive rewards, such as the Ancient Primal Porcupine Operator’s Mod NFT and Early Access Tokens for future playtests. 

The sale of Last Expedition Nodes License already ended on 12 April. However, the participatory nature of the Gala ecosystem ensures that there will be more opportunities in the future for other games.

The road ahead: an exciting addition to Gala Games 

In terms of tokenomics, Last Expedition seamlessly integrates the GALA token into its in-game economy. This way, it provides a smooth and hassle-free experience for gamers. By leveraging an established token, the dev team can channel their creative energies into crafting engaging and immersive content.

Last Expedition is set to be a thrilling addition to Gala Games, with captivating gameplay, and immersive environments to attract FPS and blockchain gaming fans alike. 

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