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Top New Dapps on DappRadar Listed in March 2023
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A list of the hottest new dapps listed on the World’s Dapp Store

As April comes in, it’s time to look back at all the new dapps listed on DappRadar in March. It was a comeback month for many traders and collectors, and decentralized application developers have wasted no time. From many different chains, new promising projects arose and registered on our platform. Keep reading to get to know the latest additions to DappRadar’s datasets and see why this is the World’s Dapp Store.

Calling all developers

If you’re developing a hot new dapp, we want to check that out. DappRadar is constantly seeking bright projects that improve the Web3 experience for all gamers, collectors, traders and enthusiasts out there.

On our platform, anyone curious about Web3 innovations finds stats on top Tokens, Games, DEXs, NFTs, and more.

Around a million monthly visitors can track more than 13,000 dapps on 49 different blockchains.

And what’s more, you can list your dapp also when it’s not live yet. This way, you get your dapp on the radar even before it’s up and running.

March dapps by the numbers

During March, our team manually approved 381 new dapps on the platform, that’s 9 more than in February (an increase of 2.4%).

Most of the approved dapps are on BNB Chain (22.31%), surpassing Ethereum numbers for the first time this year (19.42%).

The most approved category of dapps is DeFi by a significant margin (29.4%), followed by Games (21.78%) and Collectibles (16.27%).

Dapps approved on Ethereum are mostly collectibles and DeFi, while BNB Chain leads in both Defi and High-Risk dapps.

DappRadar March update

Moreover, 2,311 dapps were automatically added to the platform, down from 2,343 in February.

Most of the submitted dapps and those automatically approved are from the Tezos blockchain (60.36%), followed by Ethereum (17.65%).

Automatically approved dapps are onboarded without manual approval by the system. These dapps are often NFT collections, with smart contracts, as opposed to platforms like exchanges or games.

March dapp highlights

While we do encourage you to explore the Top Dapps Rankings, here are some of the best new dapps listed on DappRadar this month.

Top new gaming dapps

  • Planet Mojo: Metaverse with interconnected games on Polygon;
  • Dungeons & Degens: Retro RPG built on Solana;
  • TinyTap: Library of educational casual games on mobile, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, on Polygon and BNB Chain;
  • Hunters On-Chain: Action-packed free-to-play RPG game on Polygon.

Top new collectibles and marketplaces

  • Nakamigos: Popular new collection on Ethereum featuring 20,000 nakamigos;
  • FIFA+ Collect: NFT marketplace of iconic moments from the history of FIFA on Algorand;
  • LandWorks: A community-owned protocol connecting web3 metaverse landlords and tenants.

Top new DeFi dapps and exchanges

  • Trendy DeFi: Open network for storing and moving money on Polygon;
  • CoinCollect: DeFi protocol to earn passive income from NFTs on Polygon;
  • DeTra: DeFi protocol developing on-chain Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) on the Arbitrum blockchain.

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