Binance Smart Chain Growing as Play-to-Earn Games Platform

Binance Smart Chain

4 of the top 5 BSC games saw an increase in UAW

Games on Binance Smart Chain, often offering a play-to-earn or financial incentive, are becoming increasingly popular. CryptoBlades, My Defi Pet, Mobox and DungeonSwap have all seen their user base increase over the past 7 days.

Binance Smart Chain is now the home of a wide array of decentralized applications. In the past week, games and play-to-earn opportunities on BSC have gone through a significant uptick in traffic, and unique wallet interactions. 

For example, CryptoBlades saw 963% more unique wallets compared to the week before. So let’s take a look at the top 5 BSC-based games for the past seven days.

Binance Smart Chain


An undeniable hit among players, CryproBlades tops the chart with close to a thousand percent increase in unique active wallets. With a total of 136,370 UAW, CryptoBlades is taking over the gaming industry on BSC. The game also managed to secure more than $6.98 million in staked balances locked in the platform’s smart contracts in the past seven days. When it comes to volume passing through the platform, CryptoBlades again smashes the competition with close to $20 million. 

To some extent, the boost in activity for CryptoBlades was pushed by a series of promotional airdrops and marketing events. However, there is a clear trend indicating that blockchain-based gaming and play-to-earn dapps are becoming the next big thing in crypto, especially judging by the performance of games on Binance Smart Chain.

My DeFi Pet 

While still a rather new addition to the BSC gaming family, My DeFi Pet securely holds the number two spot in the DappRadar weekly ranking. While the increase in unique active wallets compared to last week is only 1.73%, My DeFi Pet still managed to attract over 87,000 unique wallets. 

In terms of volume, the platform performs even better than CryptoBlades, with more than $32.5 million staked in its smart contracts. When it comes to volume going through transactions on the platform, My DeFi Pet is not backing down with around $7 million in volume. My DeFi Pet is still starting out, however, the team behind the game has an extensive plan to bring it to the forefront of gaming on BSC. Combined with its DPET token, My DeFi Pet is clearly going places. 


As an established name in the gaming sector on Binance Smart Chain, MOBOX rightfully secures third place in the DappRadar weekly rankings. With close to a 30% increase in unique active wallets, the NFT farming game platform is steadily growing its user base. On MOBOX users can play a variety of games, earning MBOX and using NFTs.  

In terms of volume, MOBOX enjoys the benefits of NFT trading, processing close to $10 million in transactions going through the platform. The combination of NFTs and play-to-earn mechanics is clearly a winning one, as MOBOX continues to steadily keep its ground among other BSC games. 

X World Games

X World Games is the only decentralized app in this week’s top five that has a red indicator next to its unique active wallets metric. While the number of UAW dropped by around 45%, this is not at all such a dire result. Considering the fact that X World Games landed on Binance Smart Chain no more than a month ago, some decrease in number is normal. As the novelty of the dapp wears out, and FOMO influence starts to stabilize, X World Games is now seeing its true, dedicated fanbase.  

With close to a million dollars processed in terms of volume, the platform still performs well, despite the decrease in UAW. 


DungeonSwap is one of the surprising entries in this week’s top five BSC games. As a rather new dapp, DungeonSwap managed to increase its UAW by more than 826%. This is the second-largest spike in wallets, only beaten by CryptoBlades. 

In terms of volume, the table-top RPG-style web game, and yield farming platform secured close to $2 million in transactions going through its smart contracts. Interestingly, the gaming functionalities have not yet officially launched on the platform. Even so, the DungeonSwap team is actively trying to boost engagement by initiating NFT airdrops and other promotional campaigns. According to official Twitter announcements, the game should go live by the end of Q3 2021. 

Binance Smart Chain pushes play-to-earn

As more and more players turn to blockchain-based games because of their play-to-earn mechanics, Binance Smart Chain is actively becoming a big development ground. Axie Infinity decided to build the Ronin sidechain to surpass Ethereum’s limitations in terms of transaction processing and high gas fees. On the other hand, BSC never had that problem, to begin with.

As an established name in the blockchain industry, BSC is steadily attracting both more developers and more players. The play-to-earn sector is still in its infancy. However, the trends we see with BSC are a sure sign that it is only going to become bigger. 

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