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X World Games
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450% increase in active users in the last 7 days

X World Games, a decentralized blockchain game ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain has been having a moment recently. In the past 7 days, the platform has seen its number of active users increase more than 450%. 

The platform launched back in mid-April but after a relatively slow start has started to gather increasing numbers of users and transaction activity. In the last 7 days, the number of active wallets interacting with the dapps smart contracts has swelled over 450% to 8,670. This increase in usage brought about a 403% increase in transactions to over 20,000 which generated over $44,000.  

Currently, the platform has one title on offer for players, obviously responsible for the surge in activity. Dream Card was launched as a beta at the end of May. This launch happened with an accompanying NFT airdrop in collaboration with CoinMarketCap. In addition, there were giveaways of the platform’s native XWG token to entice users. 

Early access to Dream Card

Players who participated in the beta event received early access to experience Dream Card’s game contents. This allowed them to experiment with the lottery drawing of different characters, card upgrade systems, and varying card combinations in PVP matches. Importantly, players did not suffer any actual losses during the beta test period since it was all under a test environment. Moreover, it gave players a chance to get to grips with Dream Card’s gaming logic and learn how to mine within the game to earn XWG tokens more efficiently.

Another major contributor to the surge in activity was the Dream Card collect and win event that ran from June 7th to June 10th. During that time players could earn up to 20,000 XWG tokens from collecting different cards on the official X World Games Marketplace.

What is X World Games? 

The stated mission of X World Games is to build a diversified gaming ecosystem that connects traditional game players and the blockchain world. The idea is to help game developers from the traditional space who want to enter the crypto gaming sector by creating the underlying blockchain framework. 

Whilst the premise is not a new one, the fact the dapp has launched on Binance Smart Chain could offer it some immediate benefits. Most importantly, access to a large group of potential users. Additionally, being able to offer those users cheap transactions within the game. As we saw recently with Axie Infinity switching to its Ronin sidechain, and Aavegotchi moving from Ethereum to Polygon. The switching of a game from one blockchain to another more suited to gaming can have potentially massive positive effects.

Overall, the platform has big ideas for the ecosystem that Include a gaming hub, NFT exchange, cross-game protocol port, and a full-function game-creation toolbox. Additionally, the platform states it will soon be a truly decentralized DAO. Stating that games holding XWG tokens will get to decide the platform’s governance policy or the next in-game development, including reward mechanisms and tokenomic systems.

NFTs on BSC 

NFTs have become one of the most significant narratives in blockchain this year. Generally, this story is driven by big sales, like CryptoPunks, Meebits, and the $69 million Beeple artwork. All these sales took place on the Ethereum blockchain. Nevertheless, as gas fees increased and the Ethereum blockchain became unusable for the general public, NFT projects on alternative blockchains gained traction. Meanwhile, Binance Smart Chain spent its energy attracting an audience with smaller pockets to join the DeFi revolution on their blockchain. The result is a tremendous amount of users and volume entering the DeFi space. 

Now, Binance is looking to welcome NFTs as well. This month they have launched their own NFT marketplace. Additionally, they have been attracting both NFT and gaming projects, to complement their DeFi offering. Non-Fungible Apes is just one example of that trend, while Tiny Titans, My Neighbor Alice, and the Gala Games ecosystem also tap into Binance Smart Chain.

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