DungeonSwap Attracts 500% More Users in a Week

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The game saw 600% more transactions

DungeonSwap, a Binance Smart Chain table-top RPG-style web game and yield farming platform, has attracted 500% more players in the past seven days. The uptick in unique active wallets also boosted the number of transactions processed by the platform by more than 600%.

While the number of users skyrocketed, volume going through the platform saw a rather insignificant increase of only 2%. On the other hand, the total value of assets locked in DungeonSwap smart contracts increased by more than 120%, reaching $1.24 million. 

The majority of activity for the platform came during the weekend, after a series of NFT drops. The drops included NFTs of swords and other game-related items and were released in preparation for the game’s official launch. 


According to the DungeonSwap website, gaming capabilities on the platform should go live around Q3 of 2021.

What can you do on DungeonSwap?

DungeonSwap is an interesting combination of decentralized finance features and blockchain-based gaming. According to the official whitepaper, there’s a wide variety of actions and tools users can take advantage of on DungeonSwap. These include:

  • Trading markets – serves as an exchange to swap assets on
  • Liquidity fountain – provides additional liquidity to the ecosystem
  • Fantasy farm – offers yield farming opportunities 
  • Alchemist’s pool – this is where all staking pools are located
  • The Dungeon – the basic gameplay on the platform
  • Boss Battle – a lottery style game 

With such a varied list of functions, it is no surprise players are swarming to try out DungeonSwap. Of course, the gaming side of the platform is still under construction. However, DungeonSwap is craftily building up interest and anticipation.

As the launch nears, more users are starting to take an interest in the platform’s native token DND. DND already plays an important role on the platform, as it is used to participate in staking pools and yield farms. The price of the token rose significantly over the weekend, boosting DND’s place in global crypto token rankings. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring DungeonSwap, and following the development of one of the first Binance Smart Chain-based gaming opportunities. Not only that, if you want to get your hands on some DND tokens, you can now easily do this through the DappRadar token swap feature.

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