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Alien Worlds AMA DappDays
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Galactic Hubs Grant, Planetary DAOs, The Thunderdome, and more from Alien Worlds

On Tuesday, 9th August, DappRadar spoke with Alien Worlds as part of our DappDays celebration week.

Alien Worlds is a very popular NFT Metaverse game where everything is tokenized on Ethereum, WAX, and BNB Smart Chain. In Alien Worlds’ simulated economy, players compete for scarce resources, including NFTs and in-game tokens.

We are an NFT , DAO and token Metaverse. Very soon, our DAOs will become live. They have been technically active in accruing treasury since the launch of the game and pretty soon, we will be inviting the public, the players, and the communities to come in and run for governance to manage the planetary DAO resources, and those who are using the tools that Dacoco (company that published Alien Worlds) and Alien Worlds themselves have provided

Stacy Neale

What is the Galactic Hubs Grant ? 

Alien Worlds supports and funds programs that grow communities and the Alien Worlds Ecosystem. The Galactic Hubs Grant is such an initiative. 

This grant is part of the whole spirit of embracing the community, we want to support community members who want to come to our Metaverse and improve it or leverage it in some way. We have a series of different grants. Resourcing community ideas for expanding and making the Alien World’s Metaverse ecosystem more robust.

Stacy Neale

What can you tell us about the planetary DAOs? 

Each Planet in Alien Worlds is a tokenized Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) with a dedicated member client portal for Planet token holders to vote for their Governors and allocate Trillium and NFT flows.

Very soon they will be available for players to participate in the governance community. Custodians in the DAO and other players can stake their trillium and get a planetary token in return, depending on which planet they are for that respective planet and this gives them voting powers. They then have a stake-weighted voting power and that is how custodians of each DAO are elected to manage it.

Once that happens, they have the treasuries at their fingertips. They can all decide as a community how they want to allocate those resources, it could be giving back to the community of all the players in that DAO. It´s entirely up to the community what to do.

Stacy Neale

AMA time stamps 

00:00 – Intro

04:45 – Alien Worlds trailer

07:05 – What is Alien Worlds? 

11:00 – Why did Alien Worlds launch on WAX?

12:45 – Alien Worlds partners with Zilliqa

15:45 – Alien Worlds’ #1 landowner – JR’s lands

20:00 – Galactic Hubs | Grants program

25:00 – Planetary DAOs in Alien Worlds

30:50 – The Thunderdome: Battling on Alien Worlds

33:10 – 3D characters and 3D planets on Alien Worlds? Interoperability

37:50 – What is the roadmap of Alien Worlds in the next 12 months?

48:00 – Proposals and Alien Worlds opening up for governance 

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