Aavegotchi AMA – DappDays Highlights

Aavegotchi AMA DappDays Highlights
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Rarity farming, Gotchiverse, Liquidators, and more from the world´s most active DAO.

On Monday 8th, August, DappRadar spoke with Aavegotchi as part of our DappDays celebration week.

Aavegotchi is an open-source, community-owned NFT gaming protocol enabling true asset ownership for gamers. Moreover, It includes Aavegotchi NFTs’ cute little (erc721s) with wearables attached to them (erc 1155s) with Aave interest-bearing tokens staked inside them.

On top of that, there is the Gotchiverse, their flagship NFT game, and the Aavegotchi DAO that governs everything.  Here are some of the highlights of this exciting AMA.

How Aavegotchi gamifies DeFi education

DeFi is a complicated thing for most people in general, but Aavegotchi makes it easier to understand through gamification. In the Gotchiverse, Aavegotchi´s metaverse, you can farm, explore, build, battle, earn, and ultimate fight the aavegotchi´s archnemesis – the liquidators.

We really gamify the education on how to DeFi, you can earn money while you are doing it. Players can farm the in-game currencies fud, fomo, alpha and keck which are used to craft installation NFTs and also to upgrade them. They can also be traded on the free market.


Gotchilending is a revolutionizing way to share assets on the blockchain

The cost barrier of entry for some people is very high, and perhaps they would like to try it out before spending thousands of dollars on an NFT. This is why Aavegotchi created  Gotchilending. Basically, players can borrow an aavegotchi from a community member on the Aavegotchi marketplace called the Bazaar and test it out in the Gotchiverse.

We are revolutionizing the way you share assets on a blockchain. You can borrow it from 4 hours to 30 days with our gotchi smart contracts. You can split the earnings between 2 or 3 parties. Enabling a lot of participation at a much lower barrier for lenders, borrowers and guilds.


How rarity farming works

Rarity farming is a competition running for the top seven thousand five hundred aavegotchis according to their base rarity score, kinship score, and their xp score, so they can earn an ROI, farm an ROI on three different categories. You can increase your rarity by attaching wearables to your aavegotchi.

When you first summon an aavegotchi it is a “naked gotchi” because it does not have any wearables on it, you can add moustaches, hats, glasses and all sorts of wearables that will increase its rarity base to climb the leaderboards for rarity.

If you pet your gotchi twice a day you earn kinship points. If you don´t pet your aavegotchi in a 24 hour period you lose a kinship point. So as long as you are petting and staying active with your Aavegotchi your kinship score increases. (second leaderboard).

Third leaderboard- is xp where you gain experience for joining community events of voting in the DAO and other activities that you get awarded experience points so the more experience points you have, the more kinship points you have the higher brs (base rarity score) you have the better chances you have of earning a higher ROI on the leaderboards for rarity farming. 


Overall, players are paid out every two weeks in an ROI according to where they land on that leaderboard.

AMA timestamps

04:15 – What is Aavegotchi all about?

11:05 – Will Aavegotchi support cross-chain?

13:00 – Win, fails, and the flow of Aavegotchi

17:11 – How to lend Gotchi?

18:04 – Do you see a trend in lending Gotchi?

20:10 – What is rarity farming?

24:00 – Gotchiverse trailer

26:11 – What is the back story of the Liquidators?

Watch the AMA and learn everything you need to know about Aavegotchi and why it is such a popular game with the most active DAO.

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