Aavegotchi’s Gotchiverse Land Release

aavegotchi gotchiverse land release

Land gameplay is just around the corner, coming May 18th

Roughly 7 months after the initial land sale, members of the GotchiGang can start using their REALM land parcels in Aavegotchi’s Gotchiverse. Starting from Wednesday, May 18th landowners can spawn on their land, customize it, and place their resource generating Installations. 

Gaining access to REALM parcels inside the Gotchiverse is an important milestone for the Aavegotchi community. On May 18th, players can start customizing and utilizing their land inside the Gotchiverse. But why do you need this land, and what is the Gotchiverse? 

Inside the Gotchiverse players play as their pixelated ghost character, an Aavegotchi. Using their Aavegotchi they will collect resources, also known as Gotchus Alchemica. Gotchus Alchemica are the four fair-launch, ERC-20 tokens that act as the elements of the Gotchiverse. Aptly named FUD, FOMO, ALPHA, and KEK, Gotchus Alchemica are used in the Gotchiverse to build and upgrade Installations. These Installations range from powerful structures that can for example increase earning potential. But there are also defensive installations, or simply aesthetic Installations that players can use to beautify their parcel.  

Gotchus Alchemica are fully tradable, and can currently be exchanged on Quickswap. Aavegotchi is also developing its own native decentralized exchange, called the Gotchus Alchemica Exchange (GAX). The GAX will be live soon, supporting pairs of each type of Alchemica and Aavegotchi’s eco-governance token, GHST.

One of the Installations players can already find on the Aavegotchi Baazaar NFT marketplace is the LE Golden Aaltar. These allow players to engage in Alchemical channeling, giving player earnings a boost while also dropping FUD, FOMO, ALPHA and KEK tokens onto the map surrounding the parcel. They can then use these earnings to build or upgrade other Installations.

Ultimately, players will need to defend their land in the Gotchiverse from the evil Lickquidators, the free-to-play character that will be implemented in the near future. These baddies will battle Aavegotchis  to steal Alchemica in the Gotchiverse, so it is important to be alert at all times! 

Easy to get started in Aavegotchi

Now here’s where true blockchain technology comes into play, frens. The Aavegotchi lending system allows anybody to borrow an Aavegotchi and enter the Gotchiverse for little to no cost. The borrower can then use the Gotchi for a certain amount of time, and split their earnings according to the 100% on-chain lending contract. Spending a few hours dedicatedly playing, will allow players to earn enough resources to make a profit. Even after sharing earnings with the borrower.  

All you need to get started in Aavegotchi and the Gotchiverse are some MATIC tokens to cover gas fees. Then simply borrow a Gotchi, play seriously, and collect as much Alchemica as possible! This will then allow you to build Installations and use them in the game world, or sell them for GHST on the open market.

Step-by-step instructions to get started in Aavegotchi

  1. Install Metamask, a Web3 wallet browser extension
  2. Create a new wallet
  3. Enable Polygon on your Metamask wallet (guide here)
  4. Switch your Metamask to the Polygon network
  5. Then send MATIC to your wallet, using one of several options:
    1. From an exchange like Binance. You can also directly buy GHST here, but you will need MATIC to cover transaction costs.
    2. Use the built-in Transak service inside Metamask
    3. Or use Sendwyre from the Account Options here on DappRadar
  6. Now you have MATIC in your wallet, and you can use QuickSwap to swap some MATIC to GHST. Full list of options here on the Aavegotchi website.

See you in the Gotchiverse, frens! 

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