Aavegotchi´s Gotchiverse Farming Release

Aavegotchi´s Gotchiverse Farming Release
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Learn about the three new installations and major gameplay updates

After a recent announcement made in July 9, members of the GotchiGang can start yield farming their land parcels in Aavegotchi´s Gotchiverse. Aavegotchi introduces three new ERC1155 installations for crafting and upgrading in the NFT gaming metaverse. 

The Aavegotchi community has reached important milestones over the past few months. Players began to customize and utilize their land inside the Gotchiverse on May 18th. 

Now Aavegotchi doubles down on the utilities it brings to the Gotchiverse by releasing yield farming and gameplay updates to help its members gather resources in preparation for the future invasion of the Lickidators. 

In this article, you´ll learn the basics behind Aavegotchi and the Gotchiverse and how to get started playing this fun game.

What are Aavegotchi and the Gotchiverse?

In the words of Jessie J, COO and Co-Founder of Aavegotchi, “The Gotchiverse is a big coloring book waiting to be colored in”. 

The Gotchiverse is an open-source, community-owned NFT gaming protocol, enabling true asset ownership for gamers. It can also be defined as an NFT gaming metaverse with DeFi elements. 

More importantly, It is the world where Aavegotchis- pixelated ghost characters collecting resources live. Players play as Aavegotchis pursuing resources like Gotchus Alchemica- the oil that greases the engines inside the Gotchiverse.

Gotchus Alchemica is composed of the four fair-launch ERC-20 tokens that act as the elements of the Gotchiverse. Aptly named FUD, FOMO, ALPHA, and KEK, Gotchus Alchemica are used in the Gotchiverse to build and upgrade Installations. 

Listen to our recent conversation with Aavegotchi

The Installations range from powerful infrastructures that can increase earning potential to more defensive installations or aesthetic ones that players can use to decorate their parcels.  

GHST Token, Gotchus Alchemica and Lickidators

Both GHST– Aavegotchi´s governance token and Gotchus Alchemica are fully tradable. Lickidators are the free-to-play nemesis character. The role of the Lickidators is to battle Aavegotchis to steal Alchemica, so this is why it is important to collect resources that protect them from these invaders.  

Using DappRadar´s Gaming Ranking Tool, we can see that GHST has a current price of $1,32 and 1,981 UAWs (Unique Active Wallets) interacting with the dapps smart contracts for the past 24 hours at the time of this writing.

Moreover, data also shows a balance in the total value of assets of 35,27 MATIC ($ 383,84K) in the dapp´s smart contracts accumulated in the past seven days.

Source: DappRadar

How can you play in the Gotchiverse?

You first need a Metamask wallet, then enable the Polygon Network and make sure you have some MATIC tokens to cover gas fees. 

You can easily access Aavegotchi´s Gotchiverse with DappRadar. Connect your wallet and access the dapp here

If your Metamask wallet does not have the Polygon Network, you can watch our video and learn how to set up a Polygon Wallet.

Once in the game, you can borrow a Gotchi, dedicate yourself to serious playing, and collect as much Alchemica as possible, which is helpful for building installations. These installations can be useful in the Gotchiverse or sold for GHST on the open market.

Read Aavegochi´s Gotchiverse Land Release for a more detailed step-by-step guide on how to get started.

What do the three new installations mean for players? 

The three new ERC1155 Installations are Haarvesters, Reservoirs, and Maakers. They will serve players to craft and upgrade in the Gotchiverse. 


Haarvesters are somewhat like oil extractors in the real world. They allow players to pull out Alchemica from beneath their Gotchiverse REALM parcels. The harvest rate increases after every upgrade, and each harvester can harvest one type of Gotchus Alchemica.


The reservoirs are recipients of the haarvesters and can only hold one type of Alchemica, just like their predecessors. The Reservoir´s capacity is proportional to the increase of its level, improving the spillover and radius rate. 


Maakers increase the number of simultaneous upgrades executed in a parcel. Normally, players can only upgrade one Installation per parcel at a time, but the Maakers installation significantly boosts. However, it has limitations since players can only have one Maaker per parcel. 

The Farming Release Opens Up New Ways to Play-to-Earn

The release opens up opportunities both for farmers and scholars. Players can improve their farming setup and gain more Alchemica by emptying their reservoirs every eight hours. 

On the other hand, scholars can also empty their reservoirs with borrowed Aavegotchis provided parcel owners grant permission. Borrowing Aavegotchis is very easy now in the open lending market. 

See you in the Gotchiverse, frens!

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