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NFT Marketplace by DEP fan favorite for manga lovers

The NFT Marketplace by DEP is now offering a unique set of collectible NFTs by famous Japanese manga artists and illustrators. Among those creators is Buichi Terasawa, who now has a Cobra NFT on the marketplace.

On the NFT Marketplace by DEP users can buy and sell original NFTs issued by Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA). These digital collectibles can also be obtained from the store. However, the items sold by users always end up on the marketplace where they can try to sell their own NFTs for profit. 

Among the artists, you’ll find familiar names like Rando Ayamine, Buichi Terasawa, Takashi Morita, but also European artists such as Reno Lemaire. The artworks by the manga artists are completely original, based on the works they are famous for, and are sold in the native DEP currency.

Using the NFTs in PlayMining

All NFTs sold in the store or on the marketplace, can be used in the PlayMining ecosystem. Currently, there are three games where NFT owners can use their assets: the tactical card battle game JobTribes, the puzzle game PlayMining Puzzle and the casual farming and coin pusher game PlayMining Dozer Lucky Farmer. It’s their goal to launch more games in the future, and all NFTs will have utility in every game. 

On the PlayMining platform, gamers can play games, earn points and convert those points into DEP tokens. In turn, they can use their earned currencies to acquire new NFTs from the Marketplace by DEP. That’s the play-to-earn mechanic that rewards the most active and passionate players. 

How to sell your NFTs?

When you’ve been playing PlayMining and perhaps you’ve earned or bought some NFTs, it’s likely you will also want to sell some. In order to trade NFTs on the NFT Marketplace by DEP, you need access by creating a PlayMining ID and a wallet. 

To do this, you need to go to the sign-up page, provide an email address and complete the email and phone number verification. Make sure you pass the KYC, which is a requirement before you can sell your items. When you’ve got access to the marketplace, trading can begin!

Campaign for DappRadar readers

DEA is currently running a campaign for DappRadar readers to win original NFTs and tokens to purchase more NFTs. During the campaign period, 100 winners will be selected by lottery from among those who: 

(1) newly registered a PlayMining ID and 

(2) created a wallet in the NFT Marketplace by DEP.

Win an original NFT from Teruko Hiraga!
NF-Teruko, Teruko Hiraga’s NFT

Winners will receive an original NFT “NF-Teruko” and 500 DEP (crypto asset “DEAPcoin”). DEAPcoin can be used to purchase NFTs by DEP in the NFT marketplace.

Click here to apply

Please note that if you register from a URL other than the one linked in this article, you will not be eligible for the lottery. The promotion period is from March 26, 14:00(SGT) to April 26, 13:59(SGT).

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