WorldWideWeb3 Sells Out All Land NFTs on Launch Day

WorldWideWeb3 Sells Out All Land NFTs on Launch Day
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The virtual world’s land NFT collection generated $7.73m in trading volume in 24h

WorldWideWeb3 is an up-and-coming virtual world that hosted its first NFT land sale yesterday. Impressively, all land plots sold out within hours, and the collection is now trending on secondary marketplaces. 

According to DappRadar data, in the past 24 hours, WebbLand attracted more than 4800 collectors. The collection has already generated upwards of $8.3 million in trading volume since its launch. 

Importantly, the WorldWideWeb3 land sale surpassed big names like Bored Ape Yacht Club in DappRadar Top NFT Collections charts. Additionally, the massive success of this land sale further proves that the metaverse and virtual worlds are just getting started. 


Metaverse and virtual land hot topics

The three top-grossing NFT collections in the past 24 hours all involve land ownership in a virtual world through NFTs. Axie Infinity is an undeniable leader with more than $20 million in NFT sales, closely followed by The Sandbox which grossed $13.6 million. However, the fact that WebbLand comes third points to the emerging trend that new virtual worlds are just as sought-after as the already established ones. 

NFT collectors and crypto enthusiasts are flocking to purchase land plots in various virtual worlds in an effort to secure their space in the metaverse. WorldWideWeb3 is just the most recent example.

What did the WorldWideWeb3 land sale offer?

The land sale consisted of 9490 Genesis Plots NFTs, spread among four different categories. Collectors had the option to choose between small, medium, and large apartments, or a penthouse. The price for each of these categories varied based on the size of the land plot, with the penthouse being the largest available. 

These Genesis Plot NFTs give owners access to private apartments and buildings inside of WorldWideWeb3, where they can customize their home, display their favorite NFTs, and show art available for sale. Additionally, one of the most prominent use cases for virtual land is the ability to host events. 

Host an event in the metaverse

Hosting events in virtual worlds is steadily emerging as the go-to mechanism to reach a wider audience. As the world continues to push digital innovation, so have the means to present products and ideas to the public. It’s not without reason that we at DappRadar unveiled our plans for the future inside the virtual world of Somnium Space. 

Virtual worlds present land owners with the unique opportunity to welcome visitors from all over the world. While a traditional event in the physical world has its limitations when it comes to location and the number of participants, this is not the case in the metaverse. Considering this potential, it is no surprise that land plot NFTs in the metaverse are selling fast. Some change hands for exorbitant amounts of money too. 

DappRadar recently explored this potential with a magnificent event hosted in Somnium Space, which you can watch here. If you want to learn more about the metaverse and virtual worlds like WorldWideWeb3, follow DappRadar on Twitter. You can also join our vibrant Discord community. Share your views and ideas and learn what others think of the metaverse. 

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