First Steps: Unveiling DappRadar as the World’s Dapp Store

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Looking back at last week’s events, our first steps towards a bright future

DappRadar is the world’s dapp store, thanks to the efforts of a passionate community of contributors, content creators and developers. That’s the core news that came straight from the metaverse as DappRadar organized an amazing live event with the help of the Somnium Space community. The virtual event once again shows that when we collaborate,  we can move mountains. 

With 1 million visitors per month, DappRadar has a leading position in the dapp ecosystem. It has become the go-to platform for everybody looking to discover new dapps, and gain insight in the latest on-chain data on various blockchain protocols. But the blockchain space is growing fast, and we’re now talking about a metaverse filled with abundant virtual worlds, services, micro economies, and community initiatives. All this activity works across different blockchain platforms from all over the world. 

DappRadar will decentralize its ecosystem, allowing the community to participate in building and curating the world’s dapp store. At the center of that ecosystem will be the community; the developers, the curators and creators, who will be rewarded for their participation with the newly announced RADAR token. Thus, everybody can become part of DappRadar. It’s a very strong message. 

That’s why we unveiled our plans inside Somnium Space, a virtual world where participants can interact with each other through virtual reality. With the help of the amazing Somnium Space community, DappRadar set the bar for virtual business events in the metaverse. The event took place in VR, with our CEO Skirmantas Januškas presenting on stage inside Somnium Space. At the same time, the event was live broadcast to various social media platforms and of course on

What’s coming for DappRadar

Like many of you, we at DappRadar are hopeful about a future where online collaboration flourishes, and digitally native organizations thrive. The tech giants from now started in a garage or in their mom’s basement, working together to build a future. In our modern days we build the future together, online, connected, collaboratively, in the metaverse.

As the world’s dapp store, DappRadar will tackle issues like curation and gatekeeping, hoping to break down barriers raised by centralized authorities. Together with you–our community of content creators, curators, and developers–we’re embracing community governance and token rewards. We just made our first steps, and we hope you will join us on this journey.

To read more about DappRadar’s announcement, please read our press release. It’s important to understand what the difference is between a dapp store and the classic app store, and keep in mind that the RADAR token is not live yet. DappRadar will announce more details about the token’s release in the near future.

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