What to Expect from DappRadar Community Call #2

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Coming to you on May 19th on Twitter Spaces

After the first DappRadar Community Call in April, we’re now ready to welcome you to the second one. On May 19th at 3pm UTC we will welcome you on Twitter Spaces to listen to our plans for the coming months, and ask your questions.

DappRadar wants to become more transparent and keep the community informed about what we are building and how things are going. The DappRadar Community Calls are one of our first efforts to do so. 

During April and the first few weeks of Mayaa DappRadar launched its API landing page, allowing interested companies and individuals to apply for our soon to be released API. We’ve also upgraded our search functionality, allowing users to not only search for dapps, individual NFTs, and articles, but also wallets and ENS domains. 

In our first Community Call we told you about some of the developments that we have in store for DappRadar as a platform and the RADAR token. We introduced Single Token Staking, and that we will bridge RADAR to BNB Chain and Polygon. In addition we’ve mentioned the mobile app, NFT Explorer and PRO Alerts. You can be sure we’ve got updates on that. 

For a complete overview of all the highlights of the first DappRadar Community Call, please check out the recording on YouTube. We’ve added timestamps to every discussed topic in the call. We’ve also embedded it at the bottom of this article.

The DappRadar Community Call is your moment to ask questions to the team, while the team reveals what’s coming in the weeks and months ahead. We invite you to make an account on Twitter, follow us, and join the call in Twitter Spaces on Thursday, May 19th and 3pm UTC.

DappRadar Community Call #2

  • Where: Twitter Spaces @DappRadar 
  • When: Thursday, May 19th
  • Time: 3 pm UTC
    • 5 pm CET (Europe)
    • 11 am EDT (New York)
    • 8 am PDT (Los Angeles)
    • 8:30pm IST (Delhi)
    • 1 am AEST, May 20th (Sydney)

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