First DappRadar Community Call – Highlights

first dappradar community call highlights
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On Thursday April 14 DappRadar organized its first Community Call, bringing in the community to update them about the future of RADAR and the latest developments on the platform. The Community Call will be a monthly event so everybody can stay up to date.

The first DappRadar Community Call welcomed our CEO Skirmantas Januškas, our CDO Dragon Dunica, and Head of Product, Nick Rennie. Together with our host Ian Kane they explained everything about the latest RADAR token proposal, future products coming to the DappRadar platform, DappRadar PRO features, the vision for Contribute2Earn, and much more.

DappRadar Community Call #1 highlights

  • 02:22 – RADAR token vote has been completed. RADAR token will first expand to BNB Chain, followed by Polygon. 
  • 05:25 – Single Token Staking is coming in May. Looking to introduce multi-chain reward claiming. 
  • 19:20 – PRO Members will get access to PRO Alerts. Users can create custom alerts for DeFi and NFTs
  • 31:20 – NFT Explorer will enhance our current NFT services 10 times. PRO users will have special benefits. 
  • 36:00 – In development for PRO users, but still a bit of a secret: Signals. 
  • 38:40 – Mobile app in development, coming in the next few months.
  • 40:00 – PRO Alerts coming to mobile app.
  • 45:00 – DappRadar bounties as MVP for Contribute2Earn 

For a complete overview of all the highlights of the first DappRadar Community Call, please check out the recording on YouTube. We’ve added timestamps to every discussed topic in the call. 

More about the DappRadar PRO Membership

Everybody who holds 5,000 RADAR tokens in their Web3 wallet, automatically becomes eligible to be a DappRadar PRO member. This PRO membership gives you access to more detailed search options, filters and data points. It’s an ideal membership for those who actively want to discover new dapps, new NFT collections and the latest trends.

You can read more about the RADAR token on our information page.

How do you enable PRO?

  • Win 5,000 RADAR in the Easter Egg Hunt or go to our token swap to acquire some
  • Simply hold the RADAR tokens in your Web3 wallet (Metamask, Wallet Connect etc.)
  • Make an account on DappRadar and connect your Web3 wallet
  • You can see the status of your PRO membership on this page

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