Elysium Blockchain’s Eco-friendly Dapp Ecosystem is Thriving

Elysium is a carbon-neutral blockchain with a dynamic ecosystem

The Elysium blockchain strives to build an eco-friendly ecosystem by offsetting carbon dioxide with tokenized trees. Its green nature has gained support from dapps and partners across various fields. Notably, Elysium’s blockchain world is evolving faster than ever.

It is undeniable that blockchain technology is revolutionizing the traditional Internet towards a more transparent and efficient ecosystem. However, the proof-of-work consensus has prevented this technology from further unleashing its power. For instance, Ethereum-based blockchain games have become a target of environmentalists’ criticism for their huge power consumption.

In response, Vulcan Forged launched its eco-friendly blockchain Elysium, driving a narrative with a focus on commitment to environmentally friendly dapps. Thanks to this endeavor, Elysium’s blockchain infrastructure has won the favor of many projects. Today’s article will introduce some excellent games and dapps that have chosen the green path. 


VulcanVerse is a fantastic open-world game made up of unique land pieces. Leveraging non-fungible token technology, players can own, build, buy and sell their in-game assets for fortune.

VulcanVerse’s popularity has been on the rise for the past 30 days. According to DappRadar, more than 4,000 players interacted with the game over that period, an impressive 89% increase. Moreover, VulcanVerse also recorded 68,224 transactions for the same period, increasing by 115% as of the writing. 

Forge Arena

Forge Arena is another game on the Elysium blockchain that gained momentum over the past 30 days. Forge Arena is a tactical, first-person shooting (FPS) game built to become a major eSport star. In the game, players will have to fight each other across a map and try to get the most kills.

As of the writing, the game recorded 1,868 users interacting with dapp’s smart contracts, a whopping 175% increase according to DappRadar. Moreover, 16,783 transactions were made to dapp’s smart contracts over the period, increasing by more than 200%. 


Berserk is another popular game from Vulcan Forged. As of the writing, the game has a 10% increase in user number and 11% in transactions. The game stands out as a collectible card game (CCG) in the Vulcan Universe, with each Berserk card featuring different creatures and spells. In addition, players can enroll in tournaments and giveaways to win rare cards. Moreover, you can gain LAVA and PYR no matter your skill as there’s always a way to earn! 


GeoCats is the extradimensional NFT game where players collect Geocahes throughout their journey in the world of GeoTerra. These Geocaches contain treasures and trinkets that users can collect and trade as non-fungible tokens. The game also provides all the perks of play-to-earn games: collect new cats, grow catnip, and earn PYR.                   


SinVerse, your own “Rated R” Metaverse, is a 3D action-thriller game set and modeled after some of the most controversial crime cities across the world. The play-to-earn game will feature realistic imagery along with voice and text chat functions that pull players into an augmented reality space.


If you want to immerse yourself in a fascinating world, SatoshiCity is the game. If you want to immerse yourself in a fascinating world, SatoshiCity is the game. The story of SatoshiCity runs on a linear timeline starting from 9000 BC to 3060 AD. The game world begins with dragons, barbarians, Old Gods, and Pharaohs all the way to the future when humanity would go intergalactic.

In the low poly-styled world of SatoshiCity, you can own lands, start your empire, create parallel history, win world wars, become a superpower and create a legacy.

Coddle Pets (Fables of Fyra)

Coddle Pets set out as an NFT collectible project featuring adorable dragon NFTs. You can grow these little cuties into giant adult dragons by playing the games. The rarer the dragon, the more valuable they are. As a Vulcan Forged universe member, those NFT dragons are already available for trading on the Vulcan marketplace with PYR.

Block Babies

BlockBabies is a fast-paced collectible card game (CCG). These NFT babies will battle, gain experience, and climb the nursery leaderboard. With each baby possessing attributes like adorability, patience, sleep skills, intelligence, and dexterity, these babies are your little warriors to gain experience and help you earn rewards!

The Bornless

The Bornless is a first-person shooter horror game built with Unreal Engine. The Bornless Metaverse spans from NFTs to Virtual Reality. In the game, players compete to gather Incense, the in-game token, which they can spend on items to keep their team alive. The Bornless team meticulously crafted the game to thrill the players with immersive gameplay. Roaming the woods, players will find themselves in fierce firefights, all while fleeing for their lives from a most unholy demon.

Goons of Balatroon

Goons of Balatroon (GOB) is a blockchain-based trading card game that grants players ownership over their digital assets. The game presents a fascinating universe where players battle with wacky and quirky cards. Moreover, the GOB token is the in-game currency that fuels the game economy and serves as the platform’s utility token. Players can earn GOB by simply playing the game or leasing their Goon NFTs to other players and sharing their game rewards.


Art and culture brands also favor Elysium. For example, EverScapes is a fantasy, sci-fi, and horror NFT collectible platform initially launched on the Polygon blockchain but will now move to Elysium. This curated platform enjoys highly-engaged, precisely-targeted art fans and collectors. There are many big-name artists within the Everscapes portfolio, including The Brothers Hildebrandt, the creators for the original Star Wars movie poster, and Juan Giménez, who worked for Marvel and DC.

Heavy Metal Magazine

Founded in 1977, Heavy Metal is a science fiction and fantasy comics magazine. Heavy Metal has engineered NFTs, cryptographic assets to represent art, music, in-game items, and videos in the digital domain, taking digital art collecting to the next level. The legendary magazine brought its classic covers and characters to life with the issuance of NFTs on the Elysium blockchain. 


Another case is the innovative Tattoo NFT project SWALLOW Digital. It allows users to purchase outstanding and remarkable NFT tattoos created by unique tattooists. Moreover, you can turn these digitized, collectible tattoo art into skin-deep wearables with Metaverse and in-game applications. Fortunately, VulcanVerse players will become the first to use those Tattoo NFTs on their avatars. 


The HUSL is a platform for creators. It is a global music marketplace that allows individuals around the world to upload their newest music as NFTs. Powered by Vulcan Forged, the HUSLVerse will be the premier destination for some of the biggest brands in music, sports, entertainment, and fashion. In addition, the HUSLVerse will add P2E elements within its metaverse so users can gain rewards from the ecosystem while enjoying this fantastic world.


EdVerse will become the first education metaverse powered by Elysium, combining learning and teaching with gamification. In EdVerse’s education metaverse, creators can create Ed NFTs to benefit both educators and learner. Of course, these NFTs are not just learning materials. Users can own, rent and trade them. In this way, EdVerse commits to decentralizing and democratizing education to build the most interactive, immersive and insightful education metaverse!

Many eco-friendly dapps choose Elysium

Elysium employs a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism to address environmental issues caused by earlier blockchains. Furthermore, Elysium will offset the CO2 emission by using “tokenized trees”. As a result, many eco-friendly projects favor Elysium’s green nature and choose to form a partnership with it. These partnerships include:

  • DRIFE: a Web 3 ride-hailing platform similar to Uber which leverages the blockchain to bring transparency to the industry.
  • Mirai Labs: a company that is actively incubating and supporting remarkable initiatives that can help accelerate the creation of, and transition to, a sustainable Web 3.0.
  • Coorest: an organization proposes a solution to a sustainable world by combing CO2 trading with the yield-bearing possibilities of NFTrees. The NFTrees will generate carbon tokens equal to the amount of carbon their real-life counterparts remove from the atmosphere.

The future of Elysium

With its fast transaction speeds, low fees, and green nature, the Elysium blockchain has evolved into a thriving ecosystem empowering various fields. Positioning itself as the “Blockchain for the Metaverse”, Elysium endeavors to provide a solution leveraging the leading technologies in the industry. In near future, Vulcan Forged will have some of the leading fashion brands joining to further diversify its ecosystem. If you don’t want to miss any exciting news, follow Vulcan Forged on social media and stay tuned!


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