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A gaming universe filled with mythology and crypto-powered economics

The Vulcan Forged gaming ecosystem utilizes its own blockchain network and the PYR token is at the heart of all that. PYR is one of the cryptocurrencies powering a mythological metaverse, filled with fun, games, crypto earnings and ancient Greco-Roman monsters. 

The Vulcan Forged ecosystem consists of an internal game studio and external studio partners, a marketplace for trading, an incubator program for starting developers, their own decentralized exchange and more. Since 2022, Vulcan Forged has its own blockchain network, called Elysium. While the ecosystem originally worked on Polygon.

Central to the entire Vulcan Forged ecosystem is PYR, a utility and governance token for the ecosystem and the Elysium blockchain. 

What can you do with PYR?

PYR has a wide variety of use cases within the Vulcan Forged ecosystem, and can be used to support the network or to create opportunities within a certain game. The list below contains some examples of what you can do with PYR, but does not address everything:

  • To run a Typhon Node, users need to stake and lock away PYR tokens for a period of time. The lowest out of the six tiers requires 2000 PYR to be locked away. Users will earn LAVA tokens in return.
  • Users who can’t afford a node, can delegate their PYR to so-called Cronus Nodes. These authority nodes run by partner projects can airdrop NFT rewards or LAVA bonuses to PYR delegators.
  • Players of the MMORPG VulcanVerse will need PYR to upgrade their virtual land plots. The more PYR they stake, the more abilities the land unlocks. With abilities also come earning opportunities.
  • On the VulcanDex, the decentralized exchange of the ecosystem, users can stake PYR to simply earn interest.
  • Developers need PYR to get their dapp listed on the Vulcan Forged marketplace. At the same time players can use PYR to purchase items from that marketplace.
  • Holding PYR in your wallet and playing games in the Vulcan Forged ecosystem can earn you LAVA token rewards. You will need to earn enough experience points for this to unlock.
  • Holding PYR can give you access to new projects early through the Elysium Launchpad. 

What are the dapps in the Vulcan Forged ecosystem? 

Vulcan Forged offers a wide variety of dapps, ranging from an MMORPG to a marketplace and from a decentralized exchange to mobile games. However, no matter what tickles your interest, everything connects into a mythological ecosystem filled with fantasy creatures, ancient gods, and legendary heroes. 

On DappRadar we track the Vulcan Forged ecosystem. Here are some of the Vulcan Forged dapps we track on DappRadar: 

  • Vulcan Market – the NFT marketplace where you can use your PYR tokens to buy all kinds of NFTs. 
  • VulcanVerse – the top game in the Vulcan ecosystem, a MMORPG where players can build their own quests.
  • Berserk – a trading card game using Vulcanites NFTs as strong playing cards
  • Vulcan Runner – an endless runner mobile game
  • Forge Arena – an auto-battler arena game where players use their Vulcanites NFTs to battle

Closing words

The Vulcan Forged ecosystem is rich in fantasy games, and offers various earning opportunities for its users. But the Elysium blockchain ecosystem is even bigger, and opens up PYR and the wider ecosystem to more developers and projects. 

Vulcan Forged still relies strongly on VulcanVerse, but more games and other use cases are coming to the gaming network. With PYR at the center of it all, and the ecosystem strongly influenced by community members, the best is likely yet to come. 

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