What is OliveX’s native DOSE token?

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Everything you need to know about the move-to-earn ecosystem and DOSE

OliveX has created one of the richest move-to-earn ecosystems of dapps to date, and DOSE plays an integral role in this. The token serves as both a utility and rewards token, allowing OliveX users to earn and spend with ease. 

The move-to-earn trend has taken the world by storm, blurring the lines between fitness and gaming while promoting healthy lifestyles. OliveX, a pioneer in this space, launched a series of gamified fitness apps and its DOSE token back in 2021.

Today, OliveX remains at the forefront, innovating new ways to make fitness fun, engaging, and rewarding.


DOSE: fueling the move-to-win metaverse

OliveX aspires to create the next-gen fitness metaverse, with DOSE playing an essential role in bringing this vision to life. 

Interestingly, the name token DOSE derives from four chemicals released during exercise – dopamine (D), oxytocin (O), serotonin (S), and endorphin (E). These chemicals combine to create the euphoric “runner’s high” experience, reflecting the satisfaction OliveX aims to provide to its users.

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DOSE token utility

DOSE has four primary utilities within the OliveX metaverse:

  • Exchange it for in-game badges, gadgets, and upgrades.
  • Spend it as gameplay entry fees.
  • Receive it as gameplay rewards.
  • Use it to kick-start reward generation processes or receive it as a bonus from reward generation.

The total supply of DOSE tokens is capped at 5 billion, ensuring a fixed and finite amount. These tokens are pre-allocated to four pools for different purposes, such as reward generation, gameplay incentives, promotion and marketing, and a reserve pool for future requirements.

Dustland tokenomics

As an active player in the OliveX ecosystem, you’re sure to get your daily dose of DOSE. That is achieved through the daily trickle distribution. This mechanism not only adds excitement to your fitness journey but also helps maintain the token’s value as it gradually decreases the trickle rewards over time.

Doseland in The Sandbox

DOSELAND is a unique space within The Sandbox. It provides an immersive platform for users to stay active and connect with the community. Additionally, DOSELAND offers users opportunities for quests, learning, interaction, and entertainment. 

Dustland Runner 

Dustland Runner is a fitness app and audio game set in a dystopian world. In the game, players become freelance agents tasked with gathering relics and protecting resources. 

The game boasts four-pillar-driven gameplay, including fitness tracking, immersive narrative mystery, player progression ownership, and a free-to-play economy. Players are rewarded with DOSE tokens and NFTs for their engagement, with the freedom to trade, sell, give away, lend, or burn them. 

Dustland Rider

The 3D Dustland Rider is the sister game to Dustland Runner, built on the same core concepts and mechanics. Notably, it’s the world’s first Ride To Earn (R2E) game, designed for indoor Smart Bike-based exercise. 

Imagine transforming your bicycle into a game controller, where every pedal stroke and turn of the handlebars brings you closer to earning valuable rewards. In Dustland Rider, that’s precisely what happens. 

Just like using a Wii handle to play games, players use their bicycles as game controllers and complete missions to earn DOSE tokens. The game has been specifically adapted for cycling, offering an engaging and immersive experience for those passionate about this sport.

Both Dustland Runner and Dustland Rider are part of OliveX’s move-to-earn flagship experience. As mentioned, these games rely on the DOSE token to reward users for staying active. 

But DOSE is more than just a reward token.

Embracing the future of fitness

Blending health, gaming, and technology, OliveX is at the forefront of the evolving Web3 fitness landscape. It promises to enhance DOSE features continuously and foster a truly decentralized ecosystem where users become vital contributors. As a result, community members will be able to help this metaverse thrive by influencing its content creation, game design, and more.

The move-to-earn concept is groundbreaking, opening new doors to the fitness industry. So to help you dive deeper into this innovative paradigm, we’ve curated a list of resources to keep you informed and inspired:

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