Best Move-to-Earn Web3 Dapps to Win Crypto in 2024

Best Move-to-Earn Web3 Dapps to Win Crypto in 2024 - DappRadar
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Earn crypto by walking, running, jogging, and working on your health, all through gamified experiences

What are the best move-to-earn games encouraging users to stay active and earn crypto as a reward? Move-to-earn dapps are an innovative step in blockchain gaming that bring real benefits to our day-to-day lives. This top list of move-to-earn projects is the best starting point if you’re looking to become active and earn crypto while you’re doing it.


What are move-to-earn apps in crypto?

Like the play-to-earn movement, move-to-earn games leverage blockchain technology to record users’ performance and reward them with cryptocurrency based on their time spent walking, working out, or simply moving.

Despite being a rather new idea that seems to have come out of nowhere, many of the companies operating in the move-to-earn sector have been around for a few years already.

Some clearly have big goals in mind as they look to connect the physical and the virtual worlds, one step at a time.

The industry keeps evolving year after year, and so does the quality of these projects, as observed in the DappRadar x BGA Games Report of March 2023:

“Move-to-earn dapps remain a popular trend in the dapp world, despite some fluctuations in user activity. (…) With new features and developments on the horizon, these dapps are likely to continue growing and attracting new users in the coming months.”

Sara Gherghelas, Blockchain Research Analyst at DappRadar

Want to explore a new way to stay active while earning crypto? Then discover the best move-to-earn dapps that allows you to earn rewards by exercising and playing at the same time.

Top move-to-earn dapps to earn crypto

1. Sweat Economy

Powered by NEAR blockchain technology, Sweat Economy is a fitness dapp worth exploring this year.

This platform stands out as one of the most widely used move-to-earn apps globally, with more than 145 million users motivated to stay active and healthy while earning crypto.

The project launched in 2016 and then added its own cryptocurrency called SWEAT. Users can earn these tokens by walking and tracking their performance using the Sweat Economy app and storing their rewards in the Sweat Wallet.

Learn more about this move-to-earn project in our complete guide.

2. SuperWalk

SuperWalk is a decentralized platform promoting walking and running while upgrading virtual shoes and nurturing a vibrant community.

In this ecosystem, users buy NFT shoes for Pro Mode, earning GRND tokens by reaching speed targets and unlocking bigger rewards. Non-crypto users can participate by downloading and earning WALK in Basic Mode.

Currently running on the BNB Chain & Klaytn blockchain, SuperWalk plans to integrate NFT shoes with the massive ZEPETO metaverse, and also offering real sneakers through Kream, a growing East Asian resale platform.

3. Genopets

Genopets began life back in August 2021 and is also one of the best move-to-earn dapps available at the moment.

Currently part of the BNB Chain and Solana ecosystems, Genopets is the first-of-its-kind game that combines NFT collectibles, battle arena gameplay, and move-to-earn functionality.

Genopets trailer

Players can level up their Genopet NFT avatars by doing exercises in the real world. The stronger your Genopet grows, the more likely they will be to conquer your opponents.

4. dexGO

dexGO is an NFT game with augmented reality elements that encourages users to put on NFT sneakers and explore exciting new routes while completing simple and fun quests, all while earning USDT.

This platform is not just a move-to-earn app, but also a learn-to-earn social NFT game with SocialFi elements. Users earn money by completing real routes, competing in AR mini-games at various stops, and taking advantage of referral systems and other opportunities.

Learn more about dexGO and check the dapp data in real-time.

5. The Dustland in OliveX

Part of the Polygon blockchain ecosystem, The Dustland is a move-to-earn game in OliveX’s fitness metaverse.

OliveX is a digital fitness company that uses gamification, augmented reality and play-to-earn gaming to deliver an entire ecosystem with the aim of improving people’s health.

Not only is the platform building its own interactive virtual world within The Sandbox, it also has the Dustland series of games.

By going on runs and moving around in the real world, players get virtual rewards (NFTs/DOSE tokens) they can use to upgrade their avatar and progress on their adventure.

6. StepN

The Web3 fitness movement reached the Avalanche blockchain with the popular game Step App. This game entered 2023 in style, welcoming Olympic athlete Usain Bolt as brand ambassador.

Users need to set up an account, purchase a pair of StepN Sneakers NFTs (with SOL or BNB) and then start moving around in the real world. The more you move, the more Green Satoshi Tokens (GST) you earn.

In-game challenges like Marathon Mode keep players engaged and working towards a goal. At the moment, though, there is a time-gated mechanic which caps players’ earning potential at a certain point.

7. Step App

The Web3 fitness movement reached the Avalanche blockchain with the popular game Step App. This game entered 2023 in style, welcoming Olympic athlete Usain Bolt as brand ambassador.

Similar to StepN, participants are required to acquire an NFT to initiate their journey towards earning rewards through gameplay. The platform’s KCAL utility token serves as the means to obtain this NFT.

As you engage in physical activities and record your achievements within the Step App, you become eligible for tangible real-world rewards.

8. Walken

Walken is a mobile game that connects real-life sports activities with online gaming and earning crypto.

By syncing data from Apple Health and Android Health, the app tracks your daily steps and rewards you with Gems, the in-game tokens.

These Gems can be used in various in-app applications, including upgrading the attributes of your ‘CATthlete’ – your NFT character.

Competing with other CATthletes and winning battles can make you win Walken Tokens (WLKN).

9. Dotmoovs

Dotmoovs is one of the move-to-earn platforms that are at the forefront of sports and technology, utilizing AI to detect human movement accurately.

Players can participate in peer-to-peer challenges and earn MOOV tokens based on their sports tricks and skills, all thanks to Dotmoovs’ arbitration engine. Also, the platform incorporates NFTs into the mix, allowing you to purchase virtual items and enhance your avatar.

It offers a range of workouts and nutrition plans and even allows you to upload videos of your physical skills to earn rewards.

10. Vicmove

Built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and developed in Q1 2022, Vicmove is a Web3 fitness and lifestyle mobile app that seamlessly combines NFT gaming and SocialFi elements.

It empowers you to earn VIM tokens and NFT rewards simply by engaging in activities like walking, running, and cycling.

The Lucky Points system adds a touch of excitement, determining your extra rewards as you level up. You can also enhance your earnings by fusing sneakers, creating new ones or improving them.

Vicmove is simple and effective, offering a daily energy allocation to boost your health and earnings.

11. Wirtual

More than a move-to-earn app, Wirtual is an exercise-to-earn platform with the goal of gamifying your health activities. It’s simple: workout, get rewards.

You can integrate Wirtual with your smart devices and the most-well known health apps and start earning WIRTUAL tokens while running, swimming, dancing, cycling, or working out.

But beyond that, the platform includes a myriad of features. From daily goals and challenges to corporate team-building activities, badge achievement or even its own metaverse called Wirtualverse.

Create your own avatar and customize it by earning NFTs with your training activities. Or trade them in the non-fungible token marketplace integrated in the app.

Discover the best move-to-earn dapps, Web3 games and much more on DappRadar

Whether you’re motivated by earning cryptocurrency, leveling up your NFT avatars, or simply looking for a new way to boost your fitness routine, there’s a move-to-earn app for you.

These innovative platforms that you have seen throughout the article offer you a unique opportunity to earn rewards while staying active and having fun. But there are many more!

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