How to Play and Win: MechaChain

how to play and win mechachain

Robot modules and space battles, with tokens and ownership

MechaChain features robot tech, battles in space and digital ownership. If you like epic stories, building up your own arsenal of mecha fighters, and awesome visuals, this game is definitely worth checking out. It’s still some way off its full launch, but the team is steadily ticking off milestones as it moves towards release.


The team behind MechaChain spent 2022 building their game. And now, they’re taking steps closer to showing it to the world. They have a brand new website, so it’s easier to access their ecosystem and start playing the game.

On 13 February, they’ll be taking a snapshot of Pilot Passes. Holders will receive rewards, corresponding to the rank of their Pass.

The Pilot Pass snapshot

What is MechaChain?

MechaChain is a 3D play-to-earn robot combat and space conquest video game featuring Mechas. Each Mecha is composed of NFTs that represent robot parts. These parts can be purchased online using Mechanium, the game’s cryptocurrency, or with Ethereum or credit card. Once assembled, the parts create a controllable robot gamers can use in player versus player (PvP) combat.

It’s not just SpaceX going to Mars!

Players can earn Mechanium by winning battles in the game. With their winnings, they can then trade or purchase new Mecha parts to enhance their robot and become the top MechaChain pilot. The ultimate goal is to build the strongest and most advanced Mecha possible and dominate the battlefield.

MechaChain combines the excitement of PvP combat with the joy of collecting and building NFT robots. The game offers a unique and immersive experience for players who enjoy video games and the world of cryptocurrency and NFTs.

How to start playing MechaChain

1. Accessing the MechaChain Console and Workshop

To make the experience more accessible and hassle-free, MechaChain has made it possible for players to access the MechaChain Console (for planet macro-management and space exploration) and the Workshop (for Mecha configuration) directly through their browser.

2. Downloading the Game

To participate in battles, players will need to download the game on their mobile device.

3. Joining the Battle

Once the game is downloaded, jump into the action and join the battle. Use your customized Mecha, which you need to configure in the Workshop, to compete in the arena.

How to play and win MechaChain

The MechaChain game revolves around four distinct experiences:

  • Customizing your mecha in the Workshop.
  • Participating in Mecha battles.
  • Engaging with the NFT marketplace.
  • Conquering the galaxy on the MechaChain console.

It is important to note that MechaChain is not a typical FPS and aims to steer gameplay towards intense warfare, with the ultimate goal of collecting Mechanium.

Arena Battles

As a mecha pilot, players do battle in MechaChain by controlling their own machine, which they customize and assemble from modules to reflect their playing style. Each mecha has a certain amount of damage it can take on its body and on each module.

Once the damage exceeds this limit, the mecha is out of action. The attacks, abilities, and characteristics of the mecha are determined by its modules and body, allowing it to fly, shoot, deploy a shield, and more.

Mechas doing battle

The victory conditions for each arena may vary. In addition to the typical deathmatch, other scenarios will be proposed and developed based on the community’s wishes, which will be expressed through the DAO. The community will play a key role in determining the types of challenges and objectives that will feature in the game.

The player’s mecha will be the tool they use to battle it out in the arena and claim victory. With its various attributes and abilities, each mecha will provide a unique playing experience and offer a different strategy for winning the fight. Whether it’s a death match or a different scenario, the player’s skills and customization choices will determine their success in the arena.

Planets and terrains

MechaChain introduces its battle arena where players can fight on various planets. These planets in turn offer various terrains, which players can acquire through upcoming sales or the secondary market. . The first phase of the release will include five planets. The terrains will be available on MechaChain’s website and launchpads.

Each planet will have a predetermined number of terrains, which are represented on a world map cut out in the shape of regions with 3D texture. The terrains will have different levels of rarity – common, rare, epic, legendary, mythical – and the rarer the field, the bigger the rewards.

The first planet will have 800 common terrains, 620 rare terrains, 420 epic terrains, 140 legendary terrains, and 20 mythical terrains.

Here’s what the city looks like

When players load the image of a planet, they will be able to observe an overlayed visual grid showing the presence of terrains and the ranking of the players who own the most land at the bottom. They’ll also see games that are currently ongoing and the option to create a game on the left. The details of games and any additional information is on the right.

By clicking on a planet, players can see the display of a 2D map with the terrains, the affiliation, and the names of the latter. Clicking on a land will display information such as the name of the player who owns it and their links to social networks. 

If a terrain is purchasable, players will be able to buy it according to the affiliation. The names of the fields and logos displayed will follow an established graphic charter to allow companies and players to gain visibility without disturbing the universe.

What makes MechaChain innovative?

Marketplace and module rental

The NFT marketplace, which you can reach through the Workshop, offers the option to purchase, sell, and even rent NFT modules. This innovative rental system brings several benefits to both the economy and the gaming experience, including:

  • Generation of Mechanium rewards for the NFT module owner.
  • An opportunity for players to try out different gameplay styles.
  • Affordable entry for new players, who can start playing MechaChain at a lower cost without having to purchase NFTs first.
  • Players have the flexibility to choose between renting a single module or an entire mecha.

Tokens and staking


Mechanium is the MechaChain in-game currency in MechaChain, in the form of a blockchain-based token. Players can earn Mechanium by participating in battles, renting out their NFT modules, and selling them in the NFT marketplace.

Enter the Mechanium mines

Mechanium can then be used to purchase additional NFT modules, mecha upgrades, and other in-game items. It serves as a key component of the MechaChain economy and helps to drive gameplay and engagement within the game.


Staking in MechaChain is the process of locking away Mechanium tokens in a player’s wallet for a certain period of time. By doing so, players can earn rewards in the form of additional Mechanium tokens. The amount of rewards earned through staking depends on several factors, such as the amount of Mechanium being staked and the length of time it is being held.

Staking is a way for players to increase their holdings of Mechanium, while also contributing to the stability and security of the MechaChain network. The exact mechanics of staking in MechaChain can vary, so it is important to consult the game’s documentation or official resources for more information on how staking works and how to get started.


The MechaChain team wants to create a thriving, adaptive and dynamic game through the establishment of a DAO and ongoing communication with the community. This approach enables them to sync with market trends and expectations, continually enhancing the gameplay.

Be a robot mecha inside MechaChain

The DAO will also help to ensure that the game remains well-balanced. It will be centered around the Mecha Council, which will be the hub for various decentralized governance mechanisms. As the game is being developed, the Mecha Council will also grow and improve.

What’s on the MechaChain roadmap?

Here’s a quick look back at what the MechaChain team achieved in the second half of 2022.

Q3 2022:

  • Release of a partial version of the browser-based 3D workshop, including the ability to preview assembled Mecha robots.
  • Introduction of the first series of Mecha robots and 3D NFT modules.
  • Launch of an NFT web marketplace using OpenSea.
  • Extended sharing features, such as the ability to export Mecha robots to Instagram stories.

Q4 2022:

  • Launch of MechaChain browser-based console, allowing players to experience the game’s space conquest aspect.

And here’s what we can expect in the next 18 months.

Q2 2023:

  • Release of Alpha version of MechaChain for iOS devices, including a workshop where players can customize their in-game Mecha robots.
  • The MechaChain console will be available on iOS devices, offering a seamless gaming experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

Q1 2024:

  • Release of beta version of MechaChain battles for iOS devices, allowing players to put their custom Mecha robots to the test in combat.

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