Top 10 Best Metaverse Virtual Worlds with Land NFTs

Top 10 Best Metaverse Virtual Worlds with Land NFTs
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Looking for the best metaverse virtual worlds, and perhaps you want to get into land NFTs? Look no further. Here, we list the top 10 best metaverse worlds with land NFTs, and each of them comes with tons of features and benefits.


What are the best metaverse virtual worlds?

Get to know 10 of the most promising metaverse virtual worlds with land NFTs in Web3 – in no particular order.

1. Decentraland 

Decentraland is a virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain that allows users to create, experience, and monetize content and applications.

Playing with Decentraland avatars

MANA is the native token for all transactions on the Decentraland platform. In this virtual world, users purchase plots of land that they can later navigate, build upon and monetize.

Since opening to the public in February 2020, users have created a wide range of experiences on their parcels of LAND, including interactive games, sprawling 3D scenes, and various other interactive experiences.

2. Somnium Space

Somnium Space is an open-source social virtual reality world powered by blockchain and shaped entirely by its users, allowing them to buy digital land where they can build VR homes and buildings.

Somnium Space

Somnium 2.0 arrived in early 2020 and moved the project closer to a true Ready Player One virtual experience. Unlike most multiplayer VR games, where players are divided into sub-servers and mirrored instanced rooms, Somnium 2.0 hosts all its players in a single massive world.

Players can buy virtual land and proceed to build whatever they want on it. A nightclub, an art gallery, a house; the possibilities are truly endless, and so are the rewards for savvy users. You can access Somnium Space from your PC and mobile device.

3. Voxels 

Out of all the virtual blockchain worlds, Voxels, previously known as Cryptovoxels, is one of the easiest to get started with and build in. A simple URL click will thrust you right into the world if you want to explore, with no fancy software or specific hardware required.

Crypto Voxels metaverse audience

Furthermore, players do not need to own land to visit and enjoy Voxels. Those who want to purchase should know that each land parcel is an NFT, meaning it is unique and cannot be recreated or duplicated, the same as physical land in real life.

Every Voxels land token has individual coordinates representing a specific location on the Voxels map. Proximity to popular areas, building height, and proximity to the center, typically determine their value. You can also rent land in Voxels.

4. The Sandbox 

The Sandbox is a virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains.

Native to the ecosystem is the SAND token, used to acquire assets and reward users. Through VoxEdit, users can create their own game assets, which they can then use in GameMaker to create games, experiences, or events. In addition, users can sell their creations to other players through the official The Sandbox Marketplace.

The Sandbox combines social and gaming elements while providing accessible tools for non-technical people to create great content.


Formerly known as NFT Worlds, HYTOPIA is a collaborative video game with a collection of 10,000 virtual worlds. The Land NFTs of HYTOPIA exist as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, each being a limitless universe that can be built into anything a user can imagine.

NFT Worlds or HYTOPIA allows players to create huge buildings

The game is no longer built on top of Minecraft, following Microsoft’s decision to halt NFT use on its platform. The game developers have been rebuilding the game on their own infrastructure since July 2022, having rebranded as HYTOPIA in 2023.

On HYTOPIA, players can create new game modes and experiences. For example, the community may create role-playing games, tower battle games, and first-person shooters. Currently, users can preregister for the beta phase of HYTOPIA and be amongst the first to try it.


HELIX is an upcoming gaming metaverse platform set in Parallel City, which is a 1:1 recreation of New York City. Users can buy houses, flats, and penthouses in the game, which act as the base of operations for the player. It got listed on the Epic Games Store in August 2023 and has been through two alphas.

Early reviewers have compared HELIX to the GTA series. It’s a completely open world with guns, cars, police, criminals and missions to carry out. There’s also true ownership, enabled by blockchain technology, so people can trade digital items on secondary marketplaces.

Once HELIX enters the open beta phase, it will be free-to-play, and holders and non-holders will get to experiment with the latest updates.

7. WorldWide Webb

Worldwide Webb (W3) is a blockchain-based multiplayer, role-playing game set in a pixelated cyberpunk virtual world. A universe where users can navigate, collaborate, and team up.

WorldWide Webb

It uses NFTs to portray in-game avatars, pets, lands, items, and quests. The project focused on a collaborative effort with established NFT projects such as CyberKongz, CryptoPunks, BAYC, Moon Cats and many others.

Integrated NFT projects gain additional utility inside W3 as every collection integrates differently. When NFT holders log in to WorldWideWebb with their wallets, the NFTs unlock unique visual customization for the player character. Others can act as companions, pets, mounts, or even start an entire quest. You can try the game on its beta version by connecting your web3 wallet or using an email address.

8. NetVRK

NetVRK is a project designed to offer a unique VR ecosystem that allows the creation of an unlimited number of virtual worlds, without the need for advanced technical knowledge, that will incentivize users through rewards for their participation.

In more detail, NetVRK is a metaverse platform with powerful creation tools and infrastructure to create, share, experience, and monetize creations. With a focus on gaming, education, and virtual workplaces, constructed around ownership of virtual land and assets.

The main goal of NetVRK is to create a unique ecosystem based on the blockchain that includes the creation, exploration, and remodeling of VR at the level of any user, both for everyday and professional use. The primary NetVRK token is NTVRK, a utility token used for all NetVRK ecosystem actions.

9. Treeverse

Treeverse is a browser-based MMORPG. Treeverse strives to replace social platforms like Discord, Clubhouse and Twitter for NFT chatter while simultaneously gamifying the experience

The game is developed by Endless Clouds and is set in the Arboros continent. Players start their journey from the city of Elderwall before plunging into gameplay set in a fantasy landscape.

You can forge weapons with primal energy and do battles with bosses to prove your worth. As you travel along your path, you pick up items and collect tokens. And everything you win, you own, so there’s even some profit to be made. Plots of Treeverse land are available to buy on platforms like OpenSea, as are in-game characters. TreeVerse’s NFT avatars are also integrated with the team’s other Web3 game, Capsule Heroes.

10. Pixels

Last on our list but definitely not least, Pixels is an MMORPG open-ended world of farming and exploration on Ethereum and Polygon. Built with a “fun first” perspective, its virtual world comprises 5,000 land NFTs for users to play and own. The metaverse includes thousands of mini-games created by community members in a lively web3 economy and has risen in popularity in 2023.

Pixels on mobile

This MMORPG that allows you to use the NFTs you already own to play went mobile in 2023. While players can still farm their Lands on Pixels, its loyal community gets to socialize within the Pixels virtual world and help build new experiences by participating in trivia while earning rewards.

Why should I get acquainted with Metaverse projects?

The Metaverse may be the next major advancement in our digital world. By the end of 2021, investments in the Metaverse and associated Web3 projects had already reached billions of dollars. Facebook, now known as Meta, pledged $10 billion to create its own Metaverse realm. Additionally, virtual properties on various blockchain-driven platforms, which are discussed in this article, have been sold for millions of dollars.

It offers insights into a transformative digital space and opens doors to vast business, social, and entertainment opportunities.

While predicting its eventual magnitude remains speculative, the early adoption by global brands, coupled with blockchain technology and the resilience of its growing web3 gaming sector, strongly hints that these virtual universes may very well dominate the future landscape.

What is the Metaverse?

If you got this far but are still confused about what exactly the Metaverse is, then you will love to read our complete article about it: What is the Metaverse: A Next Generation Virtual World.

You may also like to watch our video below to get a better visual experience.

Metaverse versus Virtual Worlds

It is essential to understand one key thing. One virtual world can never be a metaverse. With the metaverse, we are talking about the interconnection of several virtual worlds, if not all at once.

The metaverse is much more than the internet, blockchain, or other technology. It is a virtual universe where everyone can interact with other people, sharing data and values without permission. 

In essence, you can think of it as a digital version of the world as we know it today. There are continents, countries, cities, villages, and regions. Each is autonomous, but each contributes toward the bigger picture.

Moreover, users can dive deeper by purchasing land plots, building out experiences for other players, and monetizing those experiences. There is no predetermined gameplay or narrative. Instead, it’s a world where players decide and create what they wish to see. 

Where to buy NFT lands?

The process of buying land in Metaverse virtual worlds changes depending on the project and the blockchain on which they are built. Typically, each Metaverse has its own marketplace or minting process for the new NFT lands, widely advertised on their official networks.

But it is also possible, depending on the case, to find second-hand land for sale on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible.

It is worth remembering to be very careful and check if the project really makes certain items available for sale in a certain place, otherwise, it could be a scam.

Are there affordable Metaverse lands?

Getting into Metaverse lands does not necessarily mean buying expensive virtual lands. There are many affordable Metaverse worlds – often referred to as alternatives to the Sandbox and Decentraland.

Furthermore, the digital asset market is volatile and caution is needed. Depending on demand and several other factors, the value of metaverse land NFTs varies. DappRadar’s latest Blockchain Gaming report shows that metaverse trading volumes hit a year-low in August 2023 at $4.1 million from 8,329 land sales. It’s time to analyze the value of each virtual world without frenzy.

Virtual Worlds trading volume and sales count 2023

If you’re interested in experiencing the Metaverse virtual worlds on a budget, consider reading our article Top Alternative Virtual Worlds. You’ll find that Genesis World, TCG World, and Substrata are some of the cheaper and most interesting options.

Explore trending metaverse worlds

The web3 gaming space is developing fantastic metaverse virtual worlds. Check out which projects stand out using the DappRadar ranking to guide you on what’s trending.

Discover the Metaverse on DappRadar

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