What is KING, CryptoBlades Kingdoms’ Native Token

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Upgrade villages, attack and conquer your enemies, all powered by KING


  • CryptoBlades Kingdom’s on-chain analytics have shot up across the board over the past week.
  • The game’s native token KING also had a spike in price before settling back down again almost immediately.

CryptoBlades Kingdom’s KING token is at the core of the entire ecosystem that comes with the online strategy game. Players can build villages, conquer enemies, all by using the KING token. With more than 40,000 players in the past week, CryptoBlades Kingdom is among the rising stars.

The KING token

KING superseded SKILL as the native token of the CryptoBlades franchise when CryptoBlades Kingdoms was launched. The token is built on the Binance Smart Chain.

There is only one way to spend KING. Players can spend it to acquire gold, which then becomes the in-game token. It’s at this point, when KING is turned into gold, that the game goes off-chain. 

This means that the transactions and information on a player’s actions are recorded on central servers, instead of on a blockchain. Many P2E games do this as a way to speed up gameplay and reduce transaction costs by cutting out gas fees.

Players can use gold to do the following in CryptoBlades Kingdoms:

  • Upgrade a village
  • Send an attack or support
  • Claim a new village
  • Cancel actions and transactions
  • Nickname a wallet

CryptoBlades Kingdoms

CryptoBlades has been on a wild ride for the past week. The play-to-earn game’s on-chain analytics show increases across metrics over the previous seven days. Users are up 1,100% to 40,620 and the number of transactions on the platform has surged by 2,534% to 1.48 million.

DappRadar’s seven-day on-chain analytics for CryptoBlades

The KING token also spiked briefly this morning (April 26th) before settling back down to its previous level. Whether or not these upwards trends are linked remains to be seen, but fans of the game should be encouraged by the spike in overall on-chain activity for the game.

What is CryptoBlades Kingdoms?

CryptoBlades Kingdoms launched in October 2021 as the successor to the original CryptoBlades. The KING token launched alongside the new game. CryptoBlades Kingdoms revolves around the legendary Blades, which players need to search for and acquire. Once a player gets their hands on these mythical items, they have a chance to ascend to hero status.

The play-to-earn model is based on players earning tokens through gameplay and building up the value of their NFTs through usage and improvement. New features are constantly being introduced which allows players to continue to build up the strength of their items.

Assets are player-owned NFTs minted to the ERC-721 standard and people are free to trade them on the secondary marketplace. To see for yourself how CryptoBlades Kingdoms is performing, check out DappRadar’s page for the platform.

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