Wax Launches Blockchain Brawlers NFT Sale for New Game

Wax Blockchain

On sale on November 30th, it’s the rowdiest P2E game in the metaverse with kooky wrestler NFTs

Gaming and e-commerce blockchain Wax announce Blockchain Brawlers NFT sale and play-to-earn game. On Tuesday November 30th, the first 100 Founder’s Edition Legendary 1-of-1 NFTs go on sale via auctions on the Binance NFT Marketplace. Each Brawler plays an integral role in the upcoming Blockchain Brawlers play-to-earn game where players can channel their inner Dwayne Johnson and rock their way to riches. 

Blockchain Brawlers is a hilarious and entertaining series of NFTs in metaverse history. It’s a ragtag posse of high-flying heroes including The Iron Pole, Crocodile Dundalk, and Thuggernaut among others. While they’re funky-looking NFTs and collectibles, they’ll also help you wrestle your way into NFT legend. These collectibles will become part of an upcoming NFT-powered play-to-earn game. 

What makes the Blockchain Brawlers NFT project even more exciting is the Binance NFT bridge. Soon after Blockchain Brawlers launch, Binance NFT and the WAX Cloud Wallet will connect. That way, boxers can transport their Brawler onto WAX and into the Blockchain Brawlers P2E game. This will allow Wax to tap into the wider GameFi ecosystem popularized on Binance Smart Chain, and perhaps bring some of those users into the Wax ecosystem. 

It’s a Wax NFT KO

The 100 “Founder’s Edition” Legendary Brawlers come in one of four editions, making each NFT a unique 1-of-1 to add to your collection. The four editions are Standard, Hardcore, Cage Match, and Death Match. Plus, each Blockchain Brawler NFT comes with a PFP (profile picture) along with a full-body shot, creating infinite customization options. 

That means you’re the one throwing the punches; you can express your inner brawler and choose how it will look across your social feeds. Think Hulk Hogan glasses, a cape, some dodgy facial hair, and maybe a helmet. It all takes place on the Binance NFT marketplace tomorrow, so start brainstorming your iconic boxing wardrobe today.

Following this Tuesday’s sales, another 300 Founders Edition Brawlers go live. WAX Digital Auctions also takes care of these additional Legendary Brawlers. That brings the total number of Brawlers to 400–a very low number considering the hype surrounding the Wax blockchain and the play-to-earn movement.

He’s got the chair! 

The Wax blockchain has packed a punch recently. Volumes increased from $3 million per day in September to an average of more than $10 million per day in October. Its proprietary token WAX has been jabbing at the $1 mark for months as investors clamor for a ringside seat. 

As a robust gaming ecosystem and marketplace, it’s an ideal venue to host Blockchain Brawlers. Wax oversees a serious arsenal of successful games, from Farmers World to Alien Worlds. They all feature on DappRadar’s rankings, where 1 million monthly readers indulge in DappRadar coverage.  

It’s early days, so speculation on the best brawlers is rife. The Blockchain Brawlers Beta game launches in Q1 2022 when you can begin wrestling and earning a new token. BRWL is the official game token for Blockchain Brawlers which will also launch soon.
If you’re keen to get sparring, join the Blockchain Brawlers Discord community here. Alternatively, warm up with the Blockchain Brawlers website here

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