DappRadar PRO Members to Receive LightLink LL Token Airdrop

lightlink ll token airdrop dappradar pro members
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$25,000 worth of LL tokens split across all eligible PRO members

DappRadar is excited to announce that we’ve taken a new snapshot of our PRO members, making them eligible for a LL token airdrop by LightLink. The DappRadar PRO community will share $25,000 worth of LL tokens.

After integrating LightLink into the DappRadar ecosystem late April, the most dedicated users of DappRadar will now receive a token airdrop. We’ve taken a snapshot on 22 May 2024, making PRO members at the time of the snapshot eligible for the LightLink token airdrop. 

On 24 May 2024, an eligibility check will go live through our Quest platform. PRO members need to complete the Quest to receive the airdrop before 3 June 2024, after which the LightLink team will distribute the LL tokens on 4 June 2024.

Invitation for PRO members to discover LightLink 

Users of DappRadar are all about discovering dapps across a wide range of ecosystems. Moreover, the DappRadar PRO members are among the most savvy Web3 explorers: completing Quests on DappRadar, dabbling into DeFi and testing new GameFi projects. PRO members are all about discovering and exploring, and that’s where the LL token airdrop comes into play. 

LightLink is a Layer-2 network on top of Ethereum that allows dapps and enterprises to offer users instant and gasless transactions. In addition, the chain’s Enterprise Mode allows businesses to operate gas-free, enabling a user-friendly ecosystem without transaction fees or the need for any token. 

However, LightLink does have its own LL token, which serves as a medium of exchange and a governance tool. The LL also incentivizes community engagement. For example, LightLink will have an NFT node sale coming up, which users can only purchase using LL tokens. Holding the NFT gives users the ability to run a validator node and earn rewards for their work. 

The benefits of the PRO membership

Anybody can become a PRO member by staking 30,000 RADAR. This membership will not only make you eligible for PRO airdrops, but comes with various other benefits, including: 

  • Advanced data filters, more data points and sorting options
  • Access to Hot Contracts across all supported chains 
  • The ability to create Custom Alerts 
  • Downloadable CSV files with data points for dapps, chains and NFT collections
  • 15% APY on your staked RADAR tokens on Ethereum, BNB Chain or Polygon

Closing words

With this airdrop we welcome all DappRadar PRO members to the LightLink ecosystem. Let’s explore this growing Layer-2 network together, and discover the novelties offered by the LightLink ecosystem.

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