WAX Games Winning, Also During This Crypto Bear Market

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Sanguo Z World, Funny Cats, and Farmers World are leading in metrics

Many Wax gaming dapps witnessed excellent data performance despite the crypto industry downturn. This shows that user behavior differs significantly in the gaming and investment sectors of the crypto industry. Moreover, the demand for quality blockchain games seems rigid.


  • Wax gaming dapps have maintained user activity over the past month, with the new game Sanguo Z World leading in user growth, 2,000% in 7 days.
  • Funny Cats and Farmers World also achieved impressive user engagement, a 30-day transaction increase of 349% from Funny Cats, and 30-day user growth of 29% from Farmers Worlds.
  •  In April and May, the Wax ecosystem attracted roughly 3.3 million unique active wallets per week, up from 2.5 million one year ago. 

While the crypto market is taking a serious hit in valuation and market cap, activity on the blockchain is growing. According to the DappRadar BGA Game Report for April 2022, game dapps broke a record in activity with over 1.23 million daily Unique Active Wallets (UAW) interacting with blockchain games. Even more impressive is that games on the Wax blockchain appear to be pushing this trend. 

Games that stand out in 30-day metrics include Sanguo Z World, Funny Cats, and Farmers World. At the same time, Alien Worlds remains one of the driving forces on the Wax blockchain as well. 

Sanguo Z World – a new champion in user increase

Sanguo Z World is a play-to-earn game that offers users various exciting gameplay, such as commanding battles, crafting the characters, unlocking hidden features, and of course, collecting NFTs and other in-game treasures to trade on secondary markets. 

The cultural and historical elements undoubtedly have added to the appeal of Sanguo Z World. It is worth mentioning that the game launched less than a month ago, but it already has witnessed a whopping 2,000% increase in 7-day user numbers. In addition, the number of transactions boomed by 4,500%, with over 14,000 players interacting with the game.

Wax games sanguo

Funny Cats – the cute always stays in power

Funny Cats is a play-to-earn adventure game featuring five cute cats. A dual-token mechanic facilitates the in-game economy, and they have interesting names, CAT and CATNIP. Players can use CAT to open new locations and buy cats, and CATNIP is for replenishing the energy of players’ cats. 

Just like cats can’t resist catnip, players also can’t keep their eyes off these cute little kittens. An April article of DappRadar revealed that Funny Cats recorded 223,025 transactions, increasing 231% compared to the previous 30 days by the time. Almost three weeks later, these cute Cats apparently still stay in power. The latest 30-day metrics show that the game generated 511,400 transactions, an increase of 349%.    

wax games funny cats

Farmers Worlds – the all-time Star

Farmers World is the all-time star on the Wax blockchain. The farming simulation game allows players to sit back and earn rewards passively. A passive, mining game incorporated with strategy gameplay makes Farmers World an enjoyable play-to-earn game with a broad player base. 

Shortly after its launch last August, the game witnessed incredible growth as UAW grew over 86,000%, reaching 11,000 within one month. At the time of writing, Farmers World has 226,336 players who participated in the game over the past 30 days, increasing 29%. Arguably, the steady performance of Farmers World is strong evidence that players crave high-quality blockchain gaming. 

Wax games farmers world

Wax – the fun continues

Halfway through the second quarter of 2022, Wax has already rolled out a set of awesome features to enhance users’ experience in its ecosystem. 

Blockchain Brawler, the rowdiest P2E game in the metaverse, will launch a brand-new avatar system on May 24. This will then allow users to customize their Brawler profile pictures and show off on the leaderboard. Additionally, ChainChamps landed on Wax’s ecosystem as the first real-time marketplace that leverages AI to estimate the value of NFTs. This unique function can help collectors quickly secure top bargains and evaluate NFTs more accurately.

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