Funny Cats Brings the Internet Cat Craze to WAX

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Internet cats have become a play-to-earn NFT game on the Wax blockchain

Funny cats, a play-to-earn game on the Wax blockchain, aims to replicate the cat craze in the real world on the blockchain. The game featuring adorable kittens has seen a whopping 3,000% user growth in the past 30 days. 


  • Wax (WAX) is one of the most popular gaming-oriented blockchains, and attracts roughly 480,000 unique wallets per day. 
  • Funny Cats, a play-to-earn game on Wax, outperformed most of the other dapps in user increase percentage, registering an increase of over 3000%.
  • After a barely satisfactory first quarter, games on WAX started to rebound in numbers this month.

Wax has established its leadership in gaming blockchain with Aliens World, Farmers World, and many other ace games. On top of that, Wax is committed to building gaming dapps that appeal to a broader gaming audience. For example, Blockchain Brawlers aims to attract mainstream gamers to web3 gaming and has already shown impressive potential in terms of user numbers and transactions. 

Looking at the charts where Wax data has been soaring, we found that in the past 30 days, the game Funny Cats’ user number has skyrocketed by a whopping 3,361%. So without further ado, let’s dive into what this game is all about.

What is Funny Cats?

Funny Cats Wax game

Funny Cats is a play-to-earn NFT game about five adorable cats who love adventures. To master the game, players need to collect as many cats as possible, send them on adventures and earn in-game tokens. There are two types of tokens facilitating the in-game economy, and they have interesting names, CAT and CATNIP. Players can use CAT to open new locations and buy cats, and CATNIP is for replenishing the energy of players’ cats. 

Notably, Funny Cats has been selected into DappRadar’s weekly trending dapp report for two weeks due to its impressive popularity. Specifically speaking, Funny Cats has attracted over 13,000 unique players within the last 30 days, a dramatic jump of 3,361%. Moreover, it recorded 223,025 transactions, increasing 231% compared to the previous 30 days.    

Ace NFT Games on WAX

According to the DappRadar BGA Game Q1 Report, blockchain games maintained a steady activity level despite the volatility in the crypto market. A total of 1.17 million Unique Active Wallets (UAW) connected daily to blockchain games on average during the first three months of the year.

The chart from the report shows that Wax blockchain ranked number six in unique active wallets, competing with Ronin blockchain side by side. 

blockchain ranking wax ranked 6th

The BGA Game Report also revealed that Wax was struggling to maintain traffic in the first quarter amid the general downturn in the crypto industry. However, entering the second quarter of 2022, the Wax welcomes a solid rebounce.

Alien Worlds has recorded more than 883,000 users over the past 30 days, an increase of 50.61%, generating 283 million transactions. Farmers World is another game dapp that achieved a 6-digit user number on a 30-day basis, with almost 200,000 unique users interacting with the dapp, an increase of 24%. In the 5-digit user number club is Taco registering a tremendous 561% increase in UAW, followed by Wombat Dungeon Master, increasing by 32.92%, and Dragons Valley by 16.15%.

Finally, it is worth noting that Wax never lacks new ideas for gaming dapps. These 5 New NFT games on Wax will also allow players to earn crypto rewards. DappRadar will continue monitoring the latest developments of Wax and its ecosystem. Follow us on Twitter, Discord, and Youtube to keep up with the dynamic blockchain world. 

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