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How enterprises, companies, organizations and developers can put RADAR to good use

RADAR isn’t only a tremendous tool for the community to empower their experience on DappRadar, but the token also benefits developers and companies. RADAR is a payment option for commercial services, such as dapp promotion, user acquisition and more. 

Yes, that’s right. RADAR benefits community members and developers looking to promote their dapps be it high impacting branding opportunities, user acquisition or simply the ability to reach an audience of 1 million users per month, all powered by RADAR.

DappRadar tracks 30+ blockchains and 9,000 dapps across the entire ecosystem. Users can discover dapps in every product category and we have the ambition to support every blockchain on the market. With 1 million users per month DappRadar has become the leading platform and a voice for blockchain analytics and data. 

DappRadar is the market leader in the dapp ecosystem, and there’s no better platform for companies and individuals to get insight in market data. They can discover all the dapps in every category on 30+ different blockchains, while enjoying data-driven insights and trends about transaction volumes, unique active wallets and more. 

The newly launched RADAR token is the oil that makes the engine run. It empowers users to get even better data from DappRadar, and it will help shape the future of The World’s Dapp Store. Companies looking to tap into the wealth of information offered by DappRadar, can use RADAR to their benefit by either participating in governance or using the token as a payment option. 

What is RADAR?

RADAR is the governance and utility token for the DappRadar ecosystem. The token gives holders influence on the future of the DappRadar platform through Governance, token staking options and early access to content and exclusive features through DappRadar PRO.

Furthermore, it’s the plan to reward contributors with payments in RADAR. The RADAR token empowers visitors of DappRadar and makes them participants in the future of The World’s Dapp Store.

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