User Activity Surges as Mobox Reveals Moland Defense

Mobox Moland Defense
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Leading BSC game platform expands its portfolio for players

Leading BSC game Mobox NFT Farmer has teased a new game called Moland Defense on Twitter this week, and the announcement increased user activity significantly. Not only did the reveal of the tower defense game increase activity, but it also positively impacted the price of the native MBOX token.

The brief announcement via the official Mobox Twitter channel doesn’t reveal much other than informing the community to stay ready for the incoming alpha test alongside a short sneak peek video. The video has already racked up almost 7,000 views at the time of writing. 

The announcement on March 9 caused a spike in activity on the Mobox platform as new and old players headed in to see what the excitement was all about. In the last 24 hours, the number of wallets connecting to Mobox has shot up more than 120% to almost 24,000. Those wallets completed 32,850 transactions, driving more than $390,000 in volume through the dapp’s smart contracts. 

Mobox Moland

In addition, the native MBOX token saw a slight increase in value, rising from $1.95 to a high of $2.06 post announcement. However, it has now returned to pre-announcement levels.  

From strength to strength 

Starting with a solid DeFi offering, BSC slowly became the house of GameFi in 2021. After Alien Worlds and Axie Infinity consolidated as the top games at the end of July, BSC became a popular alternative for the movement. However, after quick surges and subsequent drop-offs for the first batch of games on BSC, Mobox stands out from the rest.

Mobox is a game with heavy DeFi features embedded into its mechanics, which combine NFTs as playable characters, arguably making it an accurate representation of the GameFi movement. By the end of 2021, Mobox managed to retain its user base and ended the year the fifth most played game in the industry attracting over 24,000 daily UAW on average.

Having already carved a solid spot on both BSC and in the dapp game category, Mobox looks set to deliver on its promises and keep developing its highly engaging, financially motivated game platform. Something to look out for might be the expansion of Mobox to other networks such as Harmony and Avalanche, where GameFi is starting to take off. Likely Mobox looks to spread its wings and increase its user base further. 

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