GameFi Platform Mobox Ends Year With a Bang

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In the past 24 hours Mobox has seen more NFT trading then Axie Infinity or Bored Apes

Even though Mobox has been among the most used dapps in the wider ecosystem since late Spring, the GameFi platform never showed up in the NFT collection rankings. Until now. In the past 24 hours NFT trading increased 359% to $9,26 million, enough to earn the first place in the rankings.

Mobox is a GameFi platform on Binance Smart Chain where gamers can earn passive income by staking, or earn tokens through gameplay. NFTs play an important role in this ecosystem, as users need the MoMo NFTs in order to become active in the Mobox ecosystem.

In the past 24 hours 6,738 NFT found new owners. Considering the total transaction volume is $9,26 million, when can conclude that the average sold NFT has a $1,375 price tag.


Earlier this Thursday a new season of TokenMaster started, inviting players to use their MoMo NFT and earn MBOX tokens. What’s even more interesting, is that players can rent a MoMo from the Mobox NFT Marketplace. Thanks to the sales boost, the Mobox marketplace outperforms every other marketplace, including the Axie Infinity one.


Mobox blueprint for GameFi industry

Where many GameFi products have difficulty retaining their audience, Mobox has been performing well since its inception earlier this year. In the BGA Blockchain Game Report 2021 we highlighted the BSC platform has a blueprint for other GameFi products, as Mobox has only grown its audience over the year. It has become the fifth most used dapp in the industry with 24,000 daily unique active wallets.

Mobox is a game dapp where players can stake liquidity provider (LP) tokens or stablecoins to obtain rewards in the form of yield farming tokens called KEYs. KEYs can later be used to unlock NFTs, and thus, be used as playing characters or staking assets in the MOBOX platform. Mobox is the true representative of the GameFi movement.

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