Upland Celebrates 2nd Anniversary with Giveaways

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Upland expanding its metaverse, celebrating with BTC and EOS giveaways

To celebrate the second anniversary of the minting of the first NFT real estate property in Upland, the developers are giving away bitcoin and EOS tokens. Two years since its initial release, the blockchain-powered game is more alive than ever.

In the past 30 days Upland has seen more than 89,140 unique active wallets connects to its smart contracts. That means that these players have been active in the game world, perhaps buying properties or trading items. These users have been good for more than 3,1 million transactions in the past 30 days alone.

The celebration of Upland’s 2nd anniversary can’t come at a better moment, as the game is completely revamping and expanding its gameplay mechanics. Earlier this year it introduced a strategic, competitive game mode, while they recently added the ability for property development. This adds another economical layer to the virtual real estate game. Upland wants to create a market-based digital economy that blurs the lines between the real world and the digital world. Last week they added Chicago to the game as well, boosting user activity 22%.

Join the game and win prizes

Upland is hosting a series of Genesis Week events to celebrate Upland’s birthday with their incredible community, and invites you to become an Uplander and join in on the festivities. By playing Upland you can join the anniversary giveaways and competitions.

All week long, there will be many prizes for community members and players to win. This includes UPX, which is Upland’s in-game currency, and Spark, which is Upland’s resource token for constructing buildings. In addition there will be some very special collection properties available to win.

Players will be able to qualify by participating in the different Genesis Week activities and a full schedule is available here. The best way to keep track of ongoing events is to join Upland’s Upland’s Discord and follow them on Twitter for more updates.

As a cherry on the cake, Upland is hosting a Genesis Week crypto giveaway with a grand prize of 0.05 BTC and 300 EOS with an estimated value of $3,500 at today’s market prices. The second to eleventh place will each receive 5 Upland Collectibles card packs containing 10 NFTs. You can join the giveaway following this link. They will announce the winners on Friday, June 11th.

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