Chicago Boosts User Activity Upland 22%


26,820 users excited about The Windy City

When Upland announced that they will integrate Chicago into their virtual real estate game, the active user wallets increased 22,44% to more than 26,820 in the past 24 hours. Upland will add the first gameplay features for Chicago on Friday, June 4th.

In an official statement Upland indicated that Chicago will be a premium city in the game, similar to Manhattan and San Francisco. That means that only 15% of the properties will be priced cheaply. They will reprice virtual properties when the details about collections have been revealed. Owning a collection or a series of properties gives players a boost in the game.

A property in Upland is an NFT on the EOS blockchain. Owning popular property will earn players UPX tokens, which in turn can be redeemed for cash or used to purchase more NFTs.

Players who want to acquire a property in Chicago, will need to purchase a plane ticket from either San Francisco or Manhattan. Airport terminals will also go for sale, and are highly sought after properties. These flight routes have already been opened. The NFT real estate properties will be released in waves on Friday and Saturday.

Upland going up

According to DappRadar data Upland has only 2,000 daily active wallets one year ago. Now the game has ten times more users per day. On a monthly basis Upland registers more than 90,000 active user wallets. Late April Upland peaked with its daily user activity, bringing in almost 30 thousand users.

While the game is attracting more players, it’s also expanding its features. The game runs on the EOS blockchain, but partnered with Blockchain Heroes on the Wax blockchain. As a result the two projects created a bridge between EOS and WAX. In addition the team is adding more cities all time, while introducing business development and competitive strategy gameplay.

Lost its leading position

Upland has been the leading game in terms of active user wallets for a long time. However, the game lost its pole position. Currently the gamified yield farming game Alien Worlds is destroying the competition with more than 318,870 active user wallets per week. Upland is in second place with 61,570 wallets, followed by R-Planet with 34,460 wallets.

We find leading blockchain game Axie Infinity in sixth place. In the past 7 days 14,140 user wallets have interacted with the game’s smart contracts. In the case of Axie Infinity that means that those users for example claimed their Smooth Love Potions. When it comes to trading land, item or Axie NFTs, we see 13,545 traders responsible for more than $15,47 million in volume. This makes Axie Infinity a leading NFT Collection, and this shows that there are different ways to look a blockchain data and dapp interactions.

DappRadar – Games Rankings (June 3rd, 2021)

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