Untitled Platformer: The Popular SKALE Game Explained

Untitled Platformer_ The Popular Skale Game Explained

Live on the SKALE network, Untitled Platformer is one of the top games of 2023

If you’re a Web3 gaming enthusiast, Untitled Platformer is a game that could have gotten your attention in 2023. Launched on SKALE Network in May 2023, this game has been designed to allow gamers the freedom to hop on and off whenever they feel like it. In this guide, we will unravel everything about the Untitled Platformer, from how to get started and enhance gameplay with NFT characters to earning Untitled Tokens (UNT) and understanding the roadmap.


What is Untitled Platformer?

Untitled Platformer is an innovative gaming dapp developed on the SKALE Network, with a retro twist. The game brings back the 80’s pixel aesthetic, combining it with blockchain technology to offer a unique and nostalgic experience.

Players can move creatively in this pixelated world, encountering various in-game challenges such as traps and deceptions. Additionally, one can acquire exclusive characters by minting NFTs and partake in a distinct ranking system, among other in-game activities.

Moreover, the game includes a leaderboard that is updated monthly, acknowledging and rewarding the top performers – available on web browsers and Android mobile devices.

Highlights of the most popular game on the lightening-fast chain

Since Untitled Platformer was launched on SKALE, it has steadily risen in popularity and has found its place among the Top Blockchain Games according to the DappRadar rankings.

“Our users will be able to enjoy faster transaction finality and zero gas fees, enabling them to fully immerse themselves in our game without any limitations.”

Reinhardt Weyers,Untitled Platformer founder

Designed around a single-session concept (that will remind you of the original Mario Bros.), it is a game that rewards players for simply moving.

Weyers credits the game’s success to the high-performance infrastructure of SKALE, which enables a seamless, engaging gaming experience that is both scalable and cost-effective.

But perhaps more important, it’s fun. Players are rewarded for their creative movement with various potions that unlock different abilities, all while earning Untitled Tokens (UNT) for just moving around in the game and having a good time.

Untitled Platformer also includes many in-game challenges, the ability to redeem exclusive characters by minting NFTs, a unique ranking system, and other exciting in-game activities like the Chooken Shack.

Get started playing Untitled Platformer

Untitled Platformer is accessible to everyone and can be played for free without the need to purchase any NFTs. To get started, you can play it straight from your browser or download the app from the Google Play Store on your Android device.

For browser play, visit the official Untitled Platformer website and follow these steps:

  1. Scroll down and view the server list.
  2. Select the region you would like to play in: America, Europe, or Asia.
  3. Click on the Join button.

While it is entirely free to play Untitled Platformer, to engage with the blockchain features of the game, you will need to connect your MetaMask wallet. This will enable you to participate in activities involving the Untitled Tokens (UNT), mint exclusive characters, and engage with other blockchain-related features of the game.

Enhance gameplay with NFT characters

Untitled Platformer introduces an exciting feature that allows players to enhance their gameplay by minting exclusive characters as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and using them as playable characters in the game. These NFT characters are not only unique but also come with special abilities that can give players an edge during their gaming sessions.

Each character NFT has a unique Multiplier Bonus that increases a player’s earnings in the game. For example, the ‘Chicken’ character comes with a Multiplier Bonus of +20%, ‘Ninja Frog’ with +5%, ‘Bambara’ with +13%, ‘Untitled Man’ with +27%, ‘Twitchy’ with +22%, and ‘Woody’ with +8%. These bonuses are instrumental in maximizing your earnings as you play.

Untitled Platformer NFTs Mintable Exclusive Characters

The process of acquiring these characters involves minting them in-game. The RNG (Random Number Generator) system of the game determines whether you receive a Common, Rare, or Epic variant of the character you choose to mint. This means each time you mint a character, there is a chance to get a Common, Rare, or Epic variant, each with its own unique in-game buffs and abilities.

The very first NFT of the game was minted in June 2023, marking the beginning of an exciting journey for players in the Untitled Platformer universe. Since then, players have been able to purchase these exclusive characters in-game, making it a seamless experience for those looking to enhance their gameplay and earn more Untitled Tokens (UNT).

Earn Untitled Tokens UNT from playing

This retro-styled real-time multiplayer SKALE game operates with a play-and-earn model. While you explore the 32-bit world and interact with other players, you get to earn Untitled Tokens (UNT).

UNT is an ERC-20 utility token created as the in-game currency. Earning methods include completion of in-game achievements and ranking on the in-game leaderboard.

You can use UNT tokens for a variety of purposes, including minting NFT characters or renting them from other players, purchasing in-game items, and claiming increased rewards.

Keep up with play-and-earn trends

Untitled Platformer is indeed a promising new game in the Web3 space and DappRadar will continue to track its performance and reach. Never miss a trend with our Top Gaming Dapps Ranking and subscribe to our weekly gaming newsletter.

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