Deploying on SKALE Will Bring Users an Easy, Zero Gas Fee Experience

SKALE supports an unlimited number of independent blockchains that are native to Ethereum

SKALE stands out as a blockchain solution that brings a zero-gas experience to users. The highly expandable multichain blockchain network is highly favored by developers, with a significant number of dapps joining the fast-scaling ecosystem.  


  • SKALE (SKL) introduced a configurable network of dapp-specific blockchains that is interoperable, EVM-compatible, and modularity-enabled.
  • End users can experience the robust SKALE network at no cost.
  • Therefore, more and more dapps are joining SKALE to deliver an ultimate user experience. 
  • The latest dapps that joined SKALE include Ruby.Exchange, CryptoBlades, and Block Brawlers. 
  • DappRadar will soon integrate SKALE.

Web 2.0 has been free for decades, but Web3 is currently not. Ethereum, the pioneer smart contract blockchain, has been suffering from high gas fees for the past few years, restraining the platform’s scalability. 

As a result, Ethereum is losing dominance, with other scaling solutions such as Optimism, Arbitrum, and SKALE gaining Ethereum’s market share in NFT and DeFi. However, among all the solutions that focus on instant finality and affordability, SKALE is the only one capable of providing end-user with a zero gas blockchain experience.

A gas-free experience with SKALE

SKALE introduced a configurable network of on-demand blockchains that is entirely interoperable and compatible with Ethereum. Furthermore, SKALE’s unique architecture allows developers to create their own dapp-specific and EVM-compatible chains. This way, dapp-specific chains can use dedicated resources to execute scenario-based commands, delivering ultimate efficiency. 

It is also worth mentioning that SKALE boasts a modularity-enabled architecture that offers an open network for collaboration. As a result, it allows partner services such as oracles, indexers, fiat on/off ramps, and more, to deploy ideal functionality modules to run dapps in the SKALEverse. 

The most impressive thing about running dapps on SKALE is that the network brings end-users powerful, secure features without putting any gas burden on their shoulders.

Dapps are joining to SKALE up

SKALE equips developers with a secure decentralized network that supports high-throughput EVM compatibility and delivers the ultimate user experience. Most importantly, SKALE ensures that end users have a frictionless network experience without any gas charge.  

These wonderful benefits have attracted a great number of projects to join the SKALE ecosystem. For instance, Ruby.Exchange enriches SKALE’s DeFi landscape as a unique NFT-powered crypto exchange. Meanwhile, in the SKALE gaming sphere, CryptoBlades and Block Brawlers diversify players’ P2E choices. 


SKALE Ruby Exchange

Ruby.Exchange is the first-ever NFT-powered exchange. The core design of Ruby is to leverage NFTs to create an accessible and engaging trading experience, rewarding users for different activities. 

Notably, the SKALE Network is one of Ruby’s core pillars. With SKALE’s high-speed, secure, gasless technology, Ruby can establish its unique selling point and bring diversity to the DeFi space. 


SKALE CryptoBlades

CryptoBlades is a play-to-earn RPG game created by Riveted Games. The gameplay centers around acquiring legendary Blades and the powerful Heroes who wield them. Players can participate in combat using their assets to earn the game’s native token, SKILL. 

Building on SKALE, CryptoBlades can offer various GameFi experiences at the lowest possible cost to its players while ensuring the highest degree of reliability. 

Block Brawlers

SKALE Block Brawlers

Block Brawlers is another play-to-earn game that benefits from SKALE’s gasless user experience. In Block Brawlers, players can battle with each other and sweat in the arena. But, more importantly, winning those battles will earn not only players’ fame but also the in-game token, BRAWL. 

Let’s not forget that as long as developers build dapps within SKALE’s ecosystem, the gasless mechanic can apply. For instance, if players want to swap BRAWL for other tokens using Ruby on SKALE, transactions are gas-free. Or, if users need to purchase in-game NFT items for CryptoBlades, they don’t need to worry about paying the extra for using the SKALE network.

DappRadar will soon integrate SKALE

Many blockchains have been able to provide extremely low transaction costs to reduce barriers for users to experiencing web 3.0. However, SKALE’s zero-gas experience is the real game-changer. Therefore, exciting projects are joining the fast-scaling SKALE network.  

It’s worth mentioning that SKALE will soon integrate into DappRadar. By that time, users can have a more comprehensive and timely understanding of SKALE’s dynamic ecosystem and its potential. 

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