Ubisoft-backed Dogami to Airdrop DOGA Tokens Twice

Ubisoft-backed Dogami to Airdrop DOGA Tokens Twice

The first DOGA airdrop takes place this March, followed by one in April

Dogami, the Tamagotchi-inspired Tezos play-to-earn wonder, will airdrop DOGA tokens to its NFT holders twice in the coming weeks. The Dogami community is excitedly waiting for the first DOGA airdrop which should happen by March 31st. The team also announced a subsequent DOGA drop taking place next month. 

By airdropping DOGA tokens spread out over a period of time, the Dogami team makes sure that NFT owners hold on to their assets. In addition, these airdrops will create a certain demand, pushing the value of the digital pets up. Because who wouldn’t want some of that free DOGA?

DOGA tokens are the local currency of the Petaverse, the Dogami virtual universe. Dogami owners earn DOGA tokens while playing. They can then use their DOGA rewards to purchase consumables, build digital wardrobes, purchase events tickets, breed their Dogami NFTs and build the future of the Petaverse.

The best way to describe Dogami would be to compare it to the blockchain version of Tamagotchi. Players own a pet NFT that they need to adopt and raise to earn DOGA tokens. Players will need to take care of their virtual pet through augmented reality on their smartphone.

Importantly, the first collection of Dogami NFT pets sold out fast. Right now, new players will need to purchase a Dogami NFT from secondary marketplaces like Objekt, or the in-house Dogami shop. However, the Dogami team has plans to release further collections. What’s more, the official roadmap details that the game will also introduce play-to-earn features towards the middle of 2022. 

DOGA fuels the Dogami economy

The native DOGA token plays a foundational role in the Dogami ecosystem. What’s more, in the future, it will become even more important as the platform introduces play-to-earn mechanics and further economic tools. 

Aside from being a purely economic device, DOGA also plays an important role in the governance and future of the game. Dogami has adopted some of the principles of a decentralized autonomous organization. The team holds town hall votes on a regular basis, asking the Dogami community for their input and feedback, as well as ideas for the future. Importantly, these town hall votes are accessible only to DOGA and Dogami NFT holders. 

DOGA tokens facilitate all transactions on the platform, allowing players to benefit from all functionalities the game offers. Considering this, rewarding dedicated fans with free DOGA airdrops is a great community-building mechanism for the platform. This is why the upcoming second drop has attracted a lot of attention, pushing activity on the platform along the way.

Airdrops have become one of the most popular tools for projects to show their appreciation towards their community. Recently, DappRadar held its very own RADAR airdrop, opening up its ecosystem to the community even further. Additionally, big names in the NFT space like Bored Ape Yacht Club also held their own airdrops in the past couple of weeks

Tezos games gain traction

The Tezos blockchain has been steadily attracting new projects both in the NFT sector and in the blockchain gaming sector. Last year, the spotlight turned to Tezos with the launch of NFT marketplaces Hic et Nunc and Objkt.

In 2022, the crypto community is showing even more interest in blockchain gaming. According to the latest DappRadar and Blockchain Game Alliance report, close to 50% of all blockchain activity across all protocols in February came from blockchain games. Considering this it is no surprise to see projects like Dogami, Teztopia, and BunnyKnights have all seen significant boosts in activity in the past 30 days.

Tezos is still in its infancy when it comes to hosting gaming projects. However, the clear upwards trend and the launch of A-level projects like Dogami prove that the protocol can offer an outstanding gaming experience. It’s not without reason that Ubisoft hosts its own NFT marketplace and NFT rewards for Ghost Recon on Tezos

Dogami is among the most heavily supported gaming projects out there. The fact that the team chose Tezos to build their platform speaks volumes. The Tamagotchi-inspired pet platform has already secured investments from Ubisoft and Animoca Brands, while The Sandbox co-founder Sebastien Borget is part of the Advisory Board. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring both Dogami and the whole Tezos gaming ecosystem as it climbs to new heights. If you want to learn about these dapps, check out the useful links below. Additionally, you can follow DappRadar on Twitter, to get the latest gaming updates first. 

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