Ubisoft Invests in NFT Pet Game Platform Dogami

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Collect pet NFTs, raise and play with them, earn DOGA tokens

Ubisoft is one of the investors pumping $6 million in the NFT pet game platform Dogami. The pet game platform will launch on Tezos, not entirely coincidental also the blockchain where Ubisoft launched their own Quartz NFT platform. Alongside Ubisoft also Animoca Brands and the co-founders of The Sandbox invested in Dogami.

The best way to compare Dogami would be with Tamagotchi. Players will have a pet NFT that they need to adopt and raise to earn DOGA tokens. Dogami will offer over 300 different dogs, each with unique traits. Players will need to take care of their virtual pet through augmented reality on their smartphone.

The Dogami pets live in a virtual world, which they refer to as the Petaverse. Here players can train, customize traits and compete in challenges with others.

In the coming months Dogami will have several key events in their roadmap. During Q1 2022 the team will have their first NFT sale, and they will launch the DOGA token. In Spring 2022 the team will launch a beta version of their game, including options to farm and stake DOGA. During this time the team will also unveil their first collaboration. Around Q3 2022 there will be Dogami mobile games, the deployment of the Petaverse, possibly a land sale within this gaming universe, and a bridge between the Ethereum blockchain and Tezos.

Ubisoft isn’t a stranger to games like Dogami, as they’ve been publishing games with pets for years. On a variety of Nintendo platforms the French games publishers released game series like Petz and Dogz, building on the hype initiated through Nintendogs and Tamagotchi.

Ubisoft going big on blockchain

Ubisoft is no stranger to crypto or blockchain, having openly supported and invested in blockchain game startups over the years. Now, it plans to take operations to the next level in becoming the first major game publisher to embrace NFTs. Moreover, Ubisoft already worked with numerous crypto startups through its Entrepreneurs Lab accelerator program. They supported leading blockchain game projects like Axie Infinity, Nine Chronicles, and NBA Top Shot. 

Three weeks ago Ubisoft launched NFTs for their AAA brand Ghost Recon. Gamers can now earn exclusive, limited edition NFTs by playing Ghost Recon Breakpoint. These NFTs are distributed through Quartz, a new NFT platform made by Ubisoft on the Tezos blockchain. In 2022 we can expect more game companies to step into the NFT and play-to-earn space, while big brands step in as well. Gaming pioneers like Peter Molyneux and Will Wright are now working with Gala Games to bring unique, NFT-powered game experiences to the market.

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