5 Things to Know About Phantom Galaxies’ Planet Sale

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Intergalactic land sale is proving a huge hit

The Phantom Galaxies Planet sale will give eager fans the chance to purchase their slice of the universe. The public sale begins on May 27th, but two Presales will take place on the two preceding days. Collectors will get the chance to buy everything from a Small Asteroid to a Large Planet.

Phantom Galaxies has already conducted a private land sale for its AAA blockchain game and the results were outstanding. 7,734 Planets and Asteroids sold for $19.3 million. To say it was oversubscribed would be an understatement.

But have no fear, public people, there is still a chance to join the fun. Read on to find out everything you need to know about one of the year’s most exciting web3 sale events.

When is the sale happening?

Presale A started today, on May 25th at 12am UTC. Presale B begins on May 26th, also at 12am UTC. The Public Planet Sale opens on May 27th at 12am UTC.

Phantom Galaxies has also given closing times for auctions that are already underway. These are for eight Medium Planets and one Large Planet. You can see the closing times for these auctions in the image below.

Phantom Galaxies auction information

What’s for sale?

Asteroids and Planets will be up for purchase. As a general rule, they are all referred to just as Planets. The range in size, from smallest to largest, goes:

  • Small Asteroid
  • Large Asteroid
  • Small Planet
  • Medium Planet
  • Large Planet

Each one will have unique features and coordinates within the Phantom Galaxies universe. Think of them like pieces of land in any other virtual world, except these are on a massive, planetary scale.

Holding a Planet also gives someone voting power in the Phantom Galaxies governance system. Actively participating in the game multiplies this power, which should act as a good incentive for players to remain engaged.

As with all land acquisitions in the metaverse, it will be up to the holder to decide how they fashion and form their sector of Phantom Galaxies. They can also decide how they want to govern their Planet. They’ll also earn extra rewards in the future for holding them; these will come in the form of drops and the still-to-be-launched in-game token.

How much will Planets cost?

You will need either USDT or USDC tokens on the Polygon network to purchase a planet. Make sure you move your coins in advance, so that you’re all ready to go. Transferring currencies around blockchains can often take longer than you anticipate when you’re in a hurry. 

Phantom Galaxies has put together a helpful walkthrough that shows people how to get a MetaMask wallet and load it up with enough USDC in time for the sale. 

Below are the indicative numbers of Planets that will be available for each sale. It seems from the table that there will be future opportunities down the road to purchase more land, so if you’re not successful this time around there will be chances in the future.

What we do know for certain is that Planets will cost the following:

  • Small Asteroid – $354
  • Large Asteroid – $825
  • Small Planet – $2,969
  • Medium Planet – $16,500
  • Large Planet – $150,000
Indicative Round Allocations for Planet sale

Who can buy a Phantom Galaxies Planet?

OG community members get early access. Long-term Discord members got 5,000 Hopeful NFTs, which give them access to Presale A. There are 7,500 Episode 2 Medal NFTs, which give holders access to Presale B. Both of these are currently available on secondary marketplace OpenSea.

After that, the public sale goes live on May 27th and, as the name suggests, it will be open to everyone. Phantom Galaxies has stated that whatever is not sold at Presales A and B will go on sale to the public.

It’s not clear from their marketing material exactly how many Planets will be available during the public sale. But it seems fair to assume that if people are quick, they will have a good chance of getting something, even if it is just a Small Asteroid.

Where is the sale taking place?

The sale will happen here, on Phantom Galaxies’ own website. You’ll need to connect your wallet to go through to the sale.

There is also an auction currently taking place on OpenSea where people can bid for Mintpasses that are redeemable according to the Planet on the pass. See the image above for the closing dates of the bigger Planets up for auction.

A bit about Phantom Galaxies

Phantom Galaxies is an open-world mech combat game, built on the Polygon blockchain and developed by Blowfish Studios. When it launches, it will be one of the first true AAA blockchain games that will appeal to both traditional gamers and web3 enthusiasts.

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