Top 10 Most Played Blockchain Games Last Week

Top 10 Most Played Blockchain Games Last Week

Splinterlands is first, CryptoMines sets eyes on the top spot

Blockchain games are becoming more popular by the minute as more players venture into the play-to-earn world. On-chain usage data tracked by DappRadar offers an insight into the past week’s top ten most popular blockchain games. Read on to find out who are the week’s top grossers, as well as the sector’s rising stars. 

In the past seven days, activity for blockchain-based games was on the rise, with most of the dapps in the top ten experiencing surges of unique active wallets. Only three out of the ten saw insignificant drops in their user base. 

  1. Splinterlands – 602.050 unique active wallets
  2. Alien Worlds – 554.510 unique active wallets
  3. Axie Infinity – 364.460 unique active wallets
  4. CryptoMines – 184.630 unique active wallets
  5. Upland – 116.820 unique active wallets
  6. Galaxy Blocks – 84.060 unique active wallets
  7. MOBOX: NFT Farmer – 81.720 unique active wallets
  8. Farmers World – 78.170 unique active wallets
  9. BinaryX – 54.670 unique active wallets
  10. Jelly Squish – 52.590 unique active wallets

Interestingly, none of the top ten blockchain games this week are part of the Ethereum ecosystem. This proves that the blockchain still has a long way to go before it can become competitive in the gaming sector. 

Splinterlands tops the list, CryptoMines aims for the top spot too

There has been an ongoing battle between Splinterlands and Alien Worlds for the top spot in DappRadar Games Rankings for the past several weeks. Splinterlands secured the leadership position in the past seven days with 602.050 unique wallets, while Alien Worlds is trailing behind with 554.150 players. 

Axie Infinity snatched a bronze medal. However, it is important to note that this ranking only takes into account on-chain activity. Reportedly Axie Infinity has over 2 million regular smartphone app users, but that’s activity that takes place outside the blockchain ecosystem.

Remarkably, CryptoMines on Binance Smart Chain is actively pushing to reach the top of the chart. Currently ranked fourth, the play-to-earn game attracted close to 190.000 unique active wallets last week. CryptoMines has taken over BSC rankings, becoming the most popular game on the blockchain and steadily taking on competitors across other protocols. 

Lastly, completing the top ten this week, we have other big names like EOS-based Upland, and Farmers World on Wax. BinaryX is an interesting new entry in the list, attracting over 50.000 players in the past seven days. 

Blockchain games are here to stay

Blockchain games are among the hottest dapps in the whole industry at the moment. With a wave of interest started by play-to-earn giant Axie Infinity, more users find the joys and benefits of blockchain gaming each week.

According to the latest DappRadar and BGA Game Report, on average more than one million players connected to a gaming dapp every day in October. This data shows that demand for blockchain-based games is steadily rising, with play-to-earn as the primary driver of activity.

While DeFi and the hype for NFTs are still a big part of the blockchain ecosystem globally, gaming dapps are stealing the spotlight. DappRadar will continue monitoring the gaming sector as new dapps make their way to the top of the charts. Stay tuned, and check out the Game Rankings for more data. Alternatively, you can follow DappRadar on Twitter and join our Discord community to learn the latest blockchain gaming news first.    

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