5 Hottest BSC GameFi Dapps Right Now

5 Hottest BSC GameFi Dapps Right Now
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Which are the most used GameFi dapps on BSC in the past seven days?

The play-to-earn movement is finding traction right now, and BSC GameFi dapps are among the most popular. DappRadar has compiled a list of the top 5 GameFi Dapps on Binance Smart Chain that offers players the opportunity to earn in-game assets and tokens while playing.

These are the five hottest dapps in the games sector on BSC for the past seven days. Check out each of them and find out how you can earn money while playing games on the blockchain. 


CryptoMines is currently the largest GameFi experience on Binance Smart Chain. The game attracts upwards of 147.000 players on a weekly basis, generating close to $5 million in trading volume. 

The main play-to-earn mechanic in CryptoMines comes from mining planets, as suggested by the name. However, to be able to mine a planet in this fictional universe, you need a fleet of workers and spaceships. Both workers and spaceships are in-game assets represented by NFTs.

CryptoMines relies heavily on the platform’s native token ETERNAL. It helps facilitate all purchases on CryptoMines and serves as the reward token when players successfully mine a planet. At the time of writing, one ETERNAL token is worth $213, which is an impressive gain compared to the release price of just $0.592. If you want to start playing CryptoMines, you can easily get some ETERNAL tokens on the DappRadar Token Swap


BinaryX is a gaming platform on BSC that currently runs the Cyber Dragon play-to-earn game. Cyber Dragon allows players to create characters, challenge copies, and loot rare items. The final challenge in the game is to defeat the ultimate boss – the cyber dragon. The tokens paid as entry fees by all players become the assets of the cyber dragon’s treasure house. If a player manages to defeat the dragon, they receive the dragon treasure house rewards.

Interestingly Cyber Dragon sports a dual token economy. First up, the BNX governance token allows players to participate in community votes regarding the game’s future. Secondly, players need Gold, which is the primary utility token on the platform. It allows players to upgrade their characters, purchase items, and earn rewards. Notably, players who hold BNX are entitled to participate in Gold airdrops.

Both BNX and Gold are BEP-20 tokens and can be purchased through the DappRadar Token Swap service.  To get BNX, click here, and if you want to buy Gold, click here

Bomb Crypto

Bomb Crypto is the fourth most popular play-to-earn opportunity on Binance Smart Chain in the past seven days. The platform offers two different gaming modes. In adventure mode, players get to explore a map of levels, battling with monsters along the way. The more monsters you defeat, the more rewards you earn. 

Alternatively, players can decide to face each other in battle mode. To participate in the arena battle mode, gamers have to pay a fee, which later forms the winner’s rewards pool. If you lose in arena battle mode, the fees you paid to enter will go towards your opponent’s reward.

Bomb Crypto relies on its native token Bomber Coin, or BCOIN. BCOIN serves as the only rewards and utility token on the platform. It allows players to purchase and upgrade Bomber Heroes, which are later used as the in-game characters. If you’re curious to start playing Bomber Crypto and want to get your hands on some BCOIN, check out the handy DappRadar Token Swap service.


BSC GameFi dapps

ArmzLegends is one of the newest additions to the BSC GameFi ecosystem. Since its launch earlier this month, the game has attracted a steady audience, as players flock to test their strength in one-vs-one matches. 

Players who join ArmzLegends get the opportunity to collect Armz NFTs, and use them in one-on-one battles against other players. The stronger your Armz NFT, the higher your chance to win matches. 

As a play-to-earn game, ArmzLegends relies heavily on its native token PROT. This BEP-20 token serves as the reward incentive for players to participate in matches. If you win an ArmzLegends battle, you are rewarded in PROT tokens. Importantly, to start battling on ArmzLegends, you need to own at least one Armz NFT. If you already have an Armz NFT and want a bit of a head start, you can easily purchase PROT tokens here on DappRadar


BSC GameFi dapps

Last but not least, for this week’s hottest BSC GameFi dapps, we have MetaverseMiner, a play-to-earn game designed in resemblance to Wax-based favorite Alien Worlds. On MetaverseMiner, players travel around a galaxy of planets in an attempt to mine the most META tokens. 

To mine planets, players need to have Miner NFTs, representing the mining equipment and rigs that drill the planets. Alternatively, players can aim to become owners and lords of planets, earning passive income from all mining activity on their territory. 

Aside from mining income, players also get the opportunity to make passive gains by staking their META tokens. Miners can choose between three different staking periods, the longest being 90 days, depending on the return they are looking to gain.

If you want to start mining on MetaverseMiner, you’ll need to purchase Miner NFTs first. Alternatively, you can get your hands on some META tokens, and start earning passive income from staking right away.

BSC GameFi dapps are on the rise

Binance Smart Chain continues to attract blockchain-based developers, especially when it comes to play-to-earn platforms. With a versatile set of offerings, BSC allows developers to incorporate both play-to-earn and DeFi elements in their games. Not to mention that the protocol fully supports NFT integrations as well.

Considering this combination of utility and the much more accessible transaction processing BSC offers compared to leading competitor Ethereum, developers are flocking to the protocol. New BSC GameFi dapps are listed daily, as more players find the power of play-to-earn.

DappRadar will continue monitoring the play-to-earn sector as BSC continues to attract new projects and releases. To learn more about the latest developments in the gaming sector on the blockchain, you can read the latest DappRadar and Blockchain Game Alliance report. Alternatively, follow DappRadar on Twitter and join our Discord community to stay on top of news in the GameFi sector. 

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